62 stone woman: ‘I’m eating my way to 90st!’

Super-sized Janey Mahoney weighs a whopping 62st and is still determined to have a baby despite doctors’ warnings that it could be dangerous


by Emily Retter |

Originally published 25 Jan 2011;

While most women spend the start of the year counting calories, Janey Mahoney has instead spent it scoffing as many as possible. Weighing in at 62st, Janey is proud of her huge assets, including her 30st belly – which, at 13ft in circumference, needs its own stool.

Janey, 39 – who believes she is the fattest woman in the world – is hoping to eat her way to 90st by the time she’s 50

Outrageously, Janey, 39 – who believes she is the fattest woman in the world – is hoping to eat her way to 90st by the time she’s 50. Judging by her 12,000 online fans who pay to see her model racy underwear, it’s a popular decision.

And now, ignoring doctors’ warnings, the flabby former secretary is hoping to fall pregnant – despite a risk of complications, including premature labour and the fact it could be impossible to monitor the baby’s heartbeat through her layers of fat.

“I love my size – I joke that my stomach’s in a different time zone,” laughs Janey. “I’m proud to be the world’s fattest woman. I know some people will think it’s disgusting but I feel sexy and I want to be even bigger. I’m desperate for a baby and even though doctors say it would be dangerous I’m determined to try.”

She hopes to be 90 stone by the age of 50
She hopes to be 90 stone by the age of 50

Janey, who’s 5ft 6 and has a BMI of 140.5 (the healthy range is between 18.5 and 25)explains she’s always been big. By the age of five she was wearing clothes for nine year olds, and by 18 she’d reached a massive 25st.

“I was bullied and called ‘Janey the giant’ at school,” admits Janey, from Texas, Houston.

At 13, a school nurse tried to encourage Janey to lose weight with slimming shakes, but she soon gave up and hasn’t dieted since.

“After a week I told the nurse I was going to stop because I wanted to be big – she was horrified,” Janey admits.

“Mum and Dad were both obese and I figured being big was my destiny. At home we ate lots of fatty foods like Southern fried chicken. My parents tried to tell me to diet, but when I said I’d rather be happy and big like them, they let me.”

After leaving school Janey, who needs three chairs in a restaurant to accommodate her vast weight, went to secretarial college and continued to balloon. And despite being super-sized, she soon realised she had no problem attracting men. When she lost her virginity at 19, she quickly discovered she had a massive sex drive.

“My first boyfriend broke up with me because I kept demanding sex every night,” she boasts. “At clubs I’d be the one hitting on guys. I often got rejected and called a heifer, but I’d tell them they didn’t know what they were missing. I could easily spot a guy who liked a big girl – usually skinny, geeky men – and I’d end up eating more to please them so they’d love me.”

Tragically, both Janey’s dad and mum, aged 49 and 48 respectively, died from heart failure just a year apart when Janey was in her late 20s and already a massive 30st. After their deaths she sought comfort in food. She’d do the grocery shopping, sit in the car and binge on cakes, biscuits and bread, then go and buy another lot. But she says she never worried about her huge size.

Janey plans to increase her daily intake to 25,000 calories

“My dad was 25st and my mum was 26st when they died, but it’s never made me want to stop eating. I don’t worry I’ll go the same way – I feel super- fit,” she says naively.

In March 2003, weighing 39st, Janey went to a convention for “big beautiful women.”

“I discovered some men would pay to see big women and would encourage you to put on weight,” Janey recalls.

“There were a lot of girls there making money selling sexy photos of themselves.”

Inspired by what she’d heard, Janey decided to make the most of her size by posing in sexy lingerie for cash. A female friend took photos of her in raunchy outfits and she posted them online.

“I promoted my belly as my biggest asset, along with my 70HH boobs and soon the cash was rolling in,” Janey boasts.

Since then, Janey has continued to gain weight, and sell photos and videos to her 12,000 fans. She says: “I also do hotel-room meetings so men can feed me and stroke my tummy. There’s no sex involved but I charge £350 an hour.”

She has clothes specially made and shops online for sexy underwear and baby doll nighties. And, incredibly, she makes £80,000 a year. To maintain her ample waistline, Janey eats a staggering 20,000 calories a day – spending £300 a week on food – and now she’s planning to increase her daily intake to 25,000 calories.

“I’m determined to make history and be remembered,” she insists.

'Doctors say I’m too fat to conceive and that even if I did and needed a Caesarean, the baby could suffocate before doctors could get to it through the layers of fat'

Janey gorges on three fry-ups for breakfast, followed by waffles and cream, three chocolate muffins and three creamy coffees. She wolfs down four family-sized KFC meals for lunch, while dinner is steak with creamy mashed potatoes, cake and trifle.

Throughout the day, she snacks on 10 packets of crisps, five Mars Bars and a large jar of peanut butter. She also guzzles eight litres of fizzy drink – and orders fried chicken at 3am when she wakes up hungry.

Janey admits her vast bulk does cause problems. She can’t walk further than a few feet and suffers with high cholesterol and asthma – which she naively claims is due to smog rather than her eating habits.

“I use a specially adapted motorised scooter and a strengthened walking stick to get around the house,” she admits.

“I also have a carer who helps me take a bath.”

As Janey, who’s single, gets infections in her rolls of fat, she has to shower for an hour a day to ensure no food or dirt gets stuck in the crevices and starts to rot.

“I once lost the control for the TV and searched for it for two hours – only to find it stuck between my rolls of fat,” she admits.

Doctors say she could be bed-bound by the time she is 50, but outrageously Janey says she is still determined to be a mum.

She reveals: “I’m looking for a potential father, but I’ve also got brochures from sperm donor companies and may do a home insemination if I can’t find the perfect man. I’ve also put £30,000 aside in case I need a surrogate to carry the baby.

“Doctors say I’m too fat to conceive and that even if I did and needed a Caesarean, the baby could suffocate before doctors could get to it through the layers of fat. I’d prefer to give birth naturally anyway – but the baby’s heartbeat might be difficult to monitor. I know some people think I’m selfish, but it’s every woman’s right to have a child and I’d be a great mum.”

And Janey’s adamant she’s fitter than most.

“I can still touch my toes, I go swimming and when I have a boyfriend I like sex at least twice a night,” she says, proudly.

“I’m fantastic in bed – although the missionary position is out because the man would have to push my stomach over my face and might smother me.

“It almost happened once and I had to kick like crazy to make the guy realise I was dying and not having an orgasm!”

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