38KKK mum infected after another boob job

Model Sheyla Hershey’s enormous 38KKK boobs had put her daughter’s life at risk, when they nearly suffocated her baby girl while breastfeeding. Shockingly, this didn’t deter the 28-year-old in her quest to go up to a whopping 38MMM


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Originally published: 3 July 2011

The op has proved to be another disaster for the proud owner of the biggest breast implants in the world.

Now, Sheyla’s dreams have been shattered by her decision. After surgery in Brazil in June, she contracted the deadly staph infection in both breasts.

'I just couldn't breath properly, it was terrible. I was in bed all day, I couldn't get up'

Sheyla has 38KKK size boobs
Sheyla has 38KKK size boobs

"I had a large fever and it was painful”, she told a local TV station of last month’s operation.

"I just couldn't breathe properly, it was terrible. I was in bed all day, I couldn't get up."

Leaving her MMM fantasies in tatters, doctors have been forced to remove the implants.

Medics now fear they may even have to remove all her real breast tissue.

The model, who lives in Houston, Texas, was said to be recovering last night in a hospital near her home.

'There's a chance I could die, but I don't want someone taking my title. I don't care what anyone else thinks'

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This latest operation comes after years of surgery, including at least 12 boob jobs, liposuction, bum implants, five nose jobs, and a tummy tuck.

She only took a break from surgery when she fell pregnant with her 11-month-old daughter Victoria.

Her implants had contained a humungous entire gallon of silicone, and had been acknowledged as the world's largest by the Brazilian equivalent of the Guinness Book of World Records.

She once admitted: “There’s a chance I could die, but I don’t want someone taking my title. I don’t care what anyone else thinks.”

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