3-year-old crashes family car in pub garden

A three-year-old toddler went for a ride in his family car early on Wednesday morning, before crashing in a local pub garden.


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The boy managed to unlock the car and navigate it down the driveway, over two embankments and into a pub garden. The family's automatic Subaru Impreza ended up damaged in the Duke of Cumberland Arms pub, a short distance from the boy's home in Midhurst, Sussex.

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A spokesman for the Sussex Police said "the boy unlocked the Subaru Impreza vehicle, which is an automatic, started it and drove it down the driveway, down two embankments and ended up in the garden of the Duke of Cumberland Arms pub."

The toddler unlcoked and drove the automatic car himself
The toddler unlcoked and drove the automatic car himself

Luckily, the little boy wasn't badly hurt, although he did suffer "a slight bump to the head after hitting it on the steering wheel". The boy was taken to hospital for a medical check just incase. The toddler was fortunate enough to steer clear of main roads and pedestrians, so thankfully no one else was hurt.

We're guessing his parents will be hiding the car keys from now on.

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Words by Emily Mitchinson

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