11-year-old helps deliver mum’s baby in dramatic birth story

An 11-year-old has made headlines after he delivered his mum’s baby

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by Fiona Day |
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Most of us were busy avoiding doing our homework at the age of 11, but one little boy has proved he is truly mature beyond his years after he helped his mum deliver her baby.

Mum Kenyarda Dukes suddenly went into labour at home and collapsed on her bedroom floor after experiencing contractions.

Her son James leapt to her aid and promptly dialled 911.

James then followed the operators instructions and managed to deliver his new sibling safely.

The young boy’s father told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Words can’t express how proud I am. He is the epitome of when you tell your son that ‘you’re the man of the house so you have to take care of those responsibilities,’ and he did it to a ‘T’.”

According to the report, James has given up his dreams of becoming a professional footballer and now wants to become a doctor.

His mother’s physician has obviously noted his talent, saying that James is ‘welcome’ at his office any time.

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