11 things you only know if you’re away from your partner on Christmas Day

Is there even any point in Christmas?!

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by Emma Dodds |
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Christmas is a time to spend with loved ones… or at least it’s supposed to be.

But if you're in a relationship, but not quite at the stage where you can sack off your entire family for theirs (or ideally, for a log cabin made for two!), then that means spending Christmas Day without the one person you want to be with the most.


If that’s you, here are nine things you’ll know to be true…

1) You spend every single second of Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve Eve together

Who cares about friends and Christmas parties? All the two of you can think about is the fact your impending separation is getting closer and closer. To compensate, you spend literally every possible moment together while you can before you're cruelly ripped apart. This involves a lot of full body cuddling, natch.

2) When it comes time to part, you promise you'll text all day and ring once an hour

It's all you can think of to get yourselves through the day without each other. THANK GOD for technology.

3) On Christmas morning, you accidentally ruin the festive atmosphere by being morose

Your family are pretty much livid with you for ruining the day they've been planning and organising for the past three months, but what can you do? How are you supposed to be merry and bright when you're bereft?

4) By 10am, you've already been texting for five hours and have spoken on the phone twice

Some people might think you’ve peaked too soon, but it's the only thing keeping you both sane in your lonely pits of gloom.

5) You keep forgetting to smile and thank people for their gifts

Your family are getting more and more frustrated with your lacklustre Christmas Day attitude. You know you’re ruining Christmas for everyone else in the house, but don’t they understand what you've sacrificed to be there with them?

6) You can only eat half of your Christmas Day dinner

Yes, it’s got that bad - you can't even get excited about food. And not just any old food - Christmas Day DINNER for goodness sake aka. the best meal of the year! What has become of you?

7) You manage to perk up for the second half of the day

In the peace and quiet of the post-meal slump, something suddenly clicks. You look around – where your family are either snoozing or watching the Queen's speech in awed silence (nana, we're looking at you) - and realise that if you're here anyway, you may as well enjoy it.

8) You start to have fun

You rally the troops (i.e. wake everyone from their slumber) and throw yourself into Monopoly, Cluedo and Rummy with gusto

##9) But then feel REALLY guilty

What happens if your O/H is still feeling sad? How could you be so disloyal?

##10) You hate everyone who got to spend Christmas day with their S/O

You have to stop going on Facebook, because your mates’ mushy Christmas posts are filling you with rage. So. Not. Fair.

11) You promise never to spend another Christmas apart

Seriously, it’s just not worth it. Even your mum agrees.

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