Meet the at-home diagnostic tampon that can tell you everything about your vaginal health

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It's no secret that women's health, particularly vaginal health, is often overlooked. Whether it's the fear - or shame -around going to the gynaecologist regularly, or the general lack of information available to us, knowing what's going on in our bodies has always been a challenge. Luckily, brands such as Daye are here to change things.

The brand pioneering in vaginal health is on a mission to 'put your gynae health back in your own hands' by creating revolutionary products for period pain and menstrual care. And, their latest innovation, does precisely that. The Vaginal Microbiome Screening Kit is an at-home testing kit that screens for nine (!) vaginal infections, fertility implications as well as other health complications using nothing more than tampon. Yes - really.

Using Daye's Diagnostic Tampon, you can better understand your risk of vaginal infections like thrush or BV and more, from the comfort of your home. How does it work? Simple. All you have to do is order your kit on the Daye website, collect your swab, send your sample back and receive easy-to-understand results online.

At this point you might be thinking - who is the screening kit made for? Short answer - everyone - but there are certain factors that may make you more inclined to use it. For example, if you're experiencing frequent UTI's, the Diagnostic Tampon can screen for infection-causing microbes and fungi, as well as your levels of protective, good bacteria. If you're having fertility troubles, Daye recommends a one-off screen to identify treatable microbiome disruptions which may be impacting your reproductive health before your next round of IVF. Likewise, women who are experiencing perimenopause or menopause can use the tampon to discover where they are in their cycle.

Ready to take matters into your own hands? Shop Daye's Diagnostic Tampon below.

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