The things you should NEVER do after sex


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You have probably read dozens of different things when it comes to sex – cuddling will improve your relationship, having sex the day before your period will lead to a better orgasm, and these exercises will boost your sex life.

But what about the things you should avoid doing after you’ve had sex? That’s an altogether smaller pool of information.

Health experts have now come forward to reveal the things that women should NEVER do after sex – and they might surprise you.

In order to avoid vaginal infections and look after your reproductive health, these are the things you need to be avoiding post-coital.

**Don’t take a shower immediately after **

It may feel natural to want to wash after a particularly sweaty session, but in fact this could be really harmful to your vaginal health. One health professional reminds us that us the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, we shouldn’t be so quick to rush for a shower after sex.

woman toilet

Gynecologist Leslie E. F. Page says: “When the vaginal tissues have been lubricated, swollen, and rubbed against during intercourse, it changes how that tissue reacts to the environment.

"Primarily, you run a much greater risk of infection."

Don’t take a bath with your partner

Yes, you often see couples engaging in some steamy bath time chats after sex in rom-coms or TV shows, but this is a terrible idea as it increases your risk of infection.

couple bath

“When your vulva swells in response to sexual stimulation, it reveals the opening of the vagina, which means you have a greater chance of infection,” Leslie advises.

Not so romantic anymore, is it?

And the one thing you should ALWAYS DO? Pee.

Going for a wee after sex will flush out any bacteria. Whether you feel the need to go immediately after sex, or don’t think about it at all, as long as you do this within an hour of finishing it’s beneficial to your vaginal health.

woman toilet

Health professionals also deem this as important because sex can result in post-intercourse bladder infections.

So there you have it – two things you should never do, and one thing you definitely should, after sex with your partner.

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