Could this be a sign that he’s not The One?

Experts have revealed that this common sexual practice could mean the man you’re with is not The One

Could this be a sign that he’s not The One?

by Kayleigh Dray |

We always thought that the best sexts were like great foreplay — an amazing way to keep the spice alive in a relationship, even when you can’t necessarily be together for the moment.

But, as it turns out, we were wrong. Because a new study has claimed that people who sext a lot are not the sort of people who want to settle down.

According to Science Of Relationships, the study surveyed almost 750 people and found that people who were afraid of intimacy tended to text their partners a lot less than people who aren’t afraid of that closeness.

Which makes sense, we suppose - but what does it have to do with sexting?

Well, according to the study, people who are afraid of intimacy (especially men) proved more likely to send sexts, racy photos and raunchy videos than those who long to get close to their partner.

The authors suggest that that sexting is a way of avoiding emotional intimacy - or a way to make it look like you’re being intimate, without actually being intimate.

So, if your latest squeeze doesn’t text you anything other than a plethora of d**k pics and raunchy late-night ramblings, then they’re probably the sort of person who’s terrified of getting close to you.

Which could mean that they're more The One For Now than, y'know, The One.

Best make sure that SnapChat account is active, we guess...

What do you think about this study's findings - true or not true, in your experience? Let us know via the comments box below now.

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