Sex talk: Men can have multiple-orgasms too – if you try the ‘squeeze’ technique

Are you ready to let your other half have a glimpse into the world of multiple orgasms?


by Fiona Day |
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It was widely believed that only women were able to experience the pleasure of multiple orgasms, with poor blokes’ biology meaning they were somewhat limited in the pleasure stakes.

But one sex move promises to let your man experience the intensity of multiple orgasms- are you ready for it?

The ‘squeeze’ technique claims to be the key to the male multiple orgasm.

Sex therapists William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian wrote in 1986’s ‘Any Man Can’ that by simply withholding ejaculation men can enjoy a ‘number of sexual peaks’.

And now sex educator Jack Johnston has come up with a way for men to train their bodies into enjoying the elusive male multiple orgasm.

Is your man ready to try the 'squeeze' technique?

Johnson told “Men and women are physiologically a lot more similar than people realise… but in terms of the neurological capacity for experiencing the orgasmic impulses, we’re wired in quite a similar manner.”

He added: “I try to help reacquaint people with the idea that orgasm is an energetic event, and that for men, it’s not automatically linked to ejaculation.

"They’re two separate events. Two separate reflexes."

Previous techniques encouraged men to clench their pelvic muscles when they get to the ‘point of no return’ aka moments before they are about to ejaculate.

Johnson’s updated version involves making vibration noises to help make the ‘squeeze’ technique less monitored and controlled, leading to better and more natural-feeling multiple orgasms.

He encourages men to locate their ‘male G-spot’ which is in the perineal area (otherwise known as the anus). Johnson encourages men (or their partners) to massage the area as they approach near orgasm.

This form of stimulation forces your partner to focus on other sensations around the body, rather than on how their genitals feel during sex.

Johnson explains: “It lasts so much longer. The after glow lasts so much longer too. It’s the kind of energy that can infuse your whole being.”

Will you be trying the ‘squeeze’ technique with your partner tonight?

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