REVEALED: The sexiest men in the world – but do YOU agree?

Looking for a new sexy man? Then a trip to THIS country might be the best place to start, if these survey results are anything to go by

irish sexiest men

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We’ve always known that people across the globe have a bit of a thing for their accents, but it's more that the cheeky chat that the ladies love about these men.

Yes, that’s right, the results are in, and Irish men have officially been voted the SEXIEST in the world.

Luck of the Irish, hey?

irish sexiest men
irish sexiest men ©irish sexiest men

No beer goggles needed to find these guys sexy...

The results were pulled in by, who asked over 66,000 women their verdict. Of the sample of single women – who we can only presume are well travelled – a colossal 8,000 women voted for the Irish as their pick of lads with the most sex appeal.

You know, the land that brought us Colin Farrell, Pierce Brosnan, and Michael Fassbender. Proof enough?

irish sexiest men
irish sexiest men ©irish sexiest men

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, according to Glamour Magazines’ 100 Sexiest Men 2016, none other than Aidan Turner (yes, the actor who plays Poldark in the BBC One show) came out top trump – a dashing Irish actor if we’ve ever seen one.

irish sexiest men
irish sexiest men ©irish sexiest men

And maybe it really does have something to do with the accent after all, as a previous survey conducted by YouGov showed revealed that the most attractive accent on the British Isles was none other than Southern Irish - with the Birmingham accent coming in last. Sorry, Brummies!

Next on list of results of sexiest men came Australians, who reaped in 6,486 of the votes, making it a very close second.

Hello Chris AND Liam Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman and Simon Baker.

But British lads out there, don’t be too distressed, as they came in fourth with 2,133 votes.

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