REVEALED: 21 things about women that men just can’t stand

Want to know what he really doesn’t like about you? Look this way…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Ever heard the phrase ‘men are from Mars, women are from Venus’?

It seems as if, despite the fact we’re well into the 21st century, it’s truer than ever before.

Taking to Whisper, men have been asked to reveal what they find most annoying about the fairer sex.

And, judging by their anonymous confessions, it seems there’s a LOT that men just don’t understand about women…

![Mixed signals like seriously I'm stupid as hell come up & tell me you like me. Man ain't got time to translate some random signals ]

![They always wanna shop □□]

![When she plays the victim while becomes viciously manipulative]

![Inconsistency. Decide what the hell you want. Say it. And stick with. ]

![Your duck lips are literally the least sexy thing ever. Stop. They make you look stupid.]

![They drop no hints I'm a really shy dude, and have problems expressing my feelings but when I have one little hint I can rock her world.]

![They always put themselves down even when you tell them everyday that there beautiful!!]

![When they assume automatically that you like them ]

![They say the opposite of how they feel and expect us to know ]

![When something is wrong and ask them about it and they say "I'm fine". Communication is extremely important so if something is wrong, talk about it.]

![When you tell them they are pretty and they question you about it.]

![When they assume that all men are pigs or they don't keep a clean house or they're not sensitive. I'm crying in my neat bed right now. ]

![Meaningless fights. Irrationality in general...]

![How shy they usually are about farting. Just let it rip: we will both feel better!]

![They're always waiting for someone instead of looking for someone.]

![I hate when they make other women feel horrible ]

![That they care a bit too much about their appearance. ]

![When they get overly jealous over nothing ]

![They're just as superficial as men but force each other to lie about it to keep men off the trail of the truth ]

![The constant need to compare them selfs to others. You are unique. If someone does not like you the way you are then you are hanging with the wrong people.]

![Them using their period as an excuse to be an absolute bitch. ]

![Unexplained outburst of emotions]

Wow. That’s a… well, that’s quite a lot to process.

And, to be hoenst, we thought our indecisiveness over what to have for dinner would feature a LOT more than it does here.

What do you think of these secret admissions? Do your male friends have any to add of their own?

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