REVEALED: How to save your failing relationship

If your relationship has hit the rocks, this is apparently the best way to save it…

Couple on holiday

by Kayleigh Dray |
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It’s the bit we ALWAYS see in Disney fairytales; the heroine bags her Prince Charming, plants a kiss on his lips, and skips off into the sunset.

But how do we know if Cinderella managed to make things work?

And, more importantly, how do we achieve our very own happily ever after?

Well, as many of us know, every relationship has its bumps in the road.

So, when the going gets tough, it’s unsurprising that we start questioning whether or not it's worth staying together.

However there is a way to reboot your relationship - and inject it with a new burst of love and life.

Are you ready for this?

You need to book a foodie holiday, apparently.

Holiday comparison website surveyed the nation to find out if there is any evidence to suggest holidays actually improve our love lives.

And, judging by the results, it seems that, whether you’re trying to salvage a long term relationship or have come to the end of your honeymoon period, taking a break away together may be the way forward.

Almost eight in ten couples who had intentionally booked a break in order to improve their relationship admitted that they were happier together after their holiday.

Couple on holiday

However, the real key to success lies in the type of holiday you take.

Because, although beach and city breaks were the most common choices for those hoping to rescue the romance, the research shows the way to a happy heart is through the stomach!

The most successful types of holiday for improving a relationship are:

    Suzanne Parkus, relationship expert and dating coach at, said: “One might think that a city break, where coordination is needed, will force communication to happen.

    “It will, but more likely than not it won’t be conducted like teamwork. Similarly, a beach holiday is nothing more than laying in silence. You could create some chemistry and romance while asking the other person to rub suntan lotion onto your back, but that’s about it.

    “One of the best ways to create and maintain chemistry is through joint experiences. People naturally bond over food, whether preparing it together, sharing it together or talking about it.

    “Food can really make you feel good even when you’re not feeling all that great in yourself.”

    Couple on holiday

    Emma Hart, Content Outreach Coordinator at, added: “Taking a much needed break together can help couples who are struggling build on the romance and reignite their passion for one another, leading the way to a happier relationship in the long run.”

    To find out more about the best and worst places to travel to for your relationship saving trips, as well as real life case studies, visit now.

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