READ: 19 painfully honest confessions from women fighting to save their marriages

These anonymous confessions, all from wives fighting to save their marriages, have struck a chord with women everywhere


by Kayleigh Dray |
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There is no better feeling than falling in love with someone - and having them fall in love with you.

But, despite all of our best efforts, sometimes the spark in a relationship can go out… leaving many of us fighting to reignite it again.

Taking to Whisper, the site where people share their anonymous confessions, nineteen brave women have opened up about what it feels like to be fighting to save a failed marriage.

From how it makes them feel, to the things they’ve been driven to do or say, the Whisper users have painted a pretty compelling picture of what it’s like to be in a relationship that’s on the rocks.

Are you ready for this?

![I feel so alone. The only reason why I want to save my marriage is for our son. He doesn't deserve a broken family. He deserves a family who works out their problems. ]

![Today I finally ended the affair I was having, I'm going to work on saving my marriage. ]

![The sex was bad for a decade but I love him to death. I cheated to save my marriage. And I plan to do it again. I just wish I could tell him. ]

[![I ordered some pretty lingerie in the hopes of trying to save my marriage. It will be here next week, but it's too late already. :]{href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'}

![I asked my husband to go to marriage counseling to save our marriage.... He said "maybe, don't know if it's worth it." I guess this is what it feels like when it's over]

![Trying so hard to save my marriage. I'm not sure what to do or why he is like he is. I just want to be treated right and taken care of. ]

![I think my husband wants a divorce. I've tried to be a good wife and still want to do better for our marriage. I'm terrified he doesn't want to save our relationship. ]

![I'm dating my husband again, we are hoping it will save our marriage. I just hope it's not too late, I'm afraid it is though. ]

![I want my marriage to last as long as I live. I want to raise my children in a secure home with a stable family. It's time I quit messing around and work to save my marriage.]

![I'm so glad my husband agreed to work on our marriage with me. I will always love him no matter what gets between us.]

![I'm trying to save my marriage and no one understands why I even care. I vowed for better or for worse, 'till death do us part and I meant it. Even if my heart is shattered.]

![After 2 months apart my husband and I are back together working on our marriage. He used to be against us trying but here's to hoping it all works out.]

![I worry that I'm the only one working on our marriage and he's waiting for it to fall apart.]

![I'm the only one working on our marriage. I think he's still cheating.]

![I am trying so hard to save my marriage. I don't think I am in love anymore but I've been trying to feel something for my husband the past 2 years.]

![I sent my kids away to their grandparents so I could save my marriage. I don't know if my husband wants it to work out as badly as I do.]

![My husband and I are seeking therapy to help save our marriage. This is such a hard time. I've made mistakes and I'm so scared I'll lose him. I want nothing more than to make him happy.]

![My husband and I are separated but not divorced. I just want to save my marriage but I feel like he's moved on... I don't know what to do anymore.]

![I lied and told my husband I was pregnant just to save my marriage]

Some of those were absolutely heartbreaking, weren’t they?

However the women, after opening up, have found a wealth of support from others online.

One advised: “Let him know how you feel and that you want to try and start over.

“That way if you can't save it at least you'll know and you can get on with life.”

And another added: “He might seem like he's moved on but there should sill be feelings there. And hope.”

What do you make of the confessions? Have you ever found yourself in the same situation?

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