Men reveal the top 15 ‘wild girlfriend’ names: Is yours on the list?

It’s official; these are the 15 names that strike fear into the hearts of men everywhere. Has yours made the list?

Men reveal the top 15 ‘crazy girlfriend’ names: Is yours on the list?

by Kayleigh Dray |

There’s a list floating around on the internet at the moment, claiming to have revealed the top 15 names of utterly ‘wild girlfriends’.

Yes, really.

Now, despite searching the vastness of the internet, we didn’t have any luck finding the list’s owner, so we don’t know how factual it actually is.

We’re presuming men were asked to submit the names of their most troublesome exes - and so the list was compiled.

Check out the top 15 names of ‘wild girlfriends’ in the list below:

  1. Ashley

  2. Shannon

  3. Melissa

  4. Allison

  5. Rebecca

  6. Mary

  7. Christina

  8. Kelly

  9. Victoria

  10. Stephanie

  11. Tiffany

  12. Elizabeth

  13. Lindsey

  14. Andrea

  15. Heather

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So there we go. We have no idea what poor Ashley ever did to score the number one slot, bless her.

Anyway, we did a little digging - and we actually found a far more useful list (in our opinion).

Are you ready for the top 15 ‘wild boyfriend’ names?

  1. Nick

  2. Mark

  3. Jeff

  4. Adam

  5. Tyler

  6. Travis

  7. Frank

  8. Bradley

  9. Brandon

  10. Mike

  11. Scott

  12. Ryan

  13. Eric

  14. Tommy

  15. Matthew


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Do you know anyone by any of these names? And, if so, would you agree that the spot on the list is deserved?

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