How to make your marriage work: Relationship advice from Closer psychologist Emma Kenny

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Relationships are the most important area of our lives. They’re responsible for much of our happiness and great ones make us feel supported, adored and desirable. They aid self-worth and boost self esteem, but they take work. This is something Beyonce, 33, and Jay Z, 44, who apparently renewed their wedding vows after a recent rocky patch, know all too well.

These days, it’s clear we have a throwaway relationship culture. With relationships moving at break-neck speed and divorce at an all time-high, it’s time to take our partnerships seriously. Anyone can be on their best behaviour at the start of a relationship but it’s important not to get caught up in the excitement and allow yourself time to find out if they’re a keeper who can be the life partner you want and deserve.

Healthy relationships need lots of effort from both people to keep them happy, strong and sustained.


How to make your marriage work: Advice from Closer psychologist Emma Kenny

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Work at your friendship – it’s what underpins your relationship and offers longevity.

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Tell each other what you need and want from your relationship.

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You’re not in a film so stop trying to emulate one. The Hollywood version of relationships where we “just know it’s right” is a fantasy.

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You might feel like you want to spend every minute together but make sure you see friends and carry on with the interests you had before you met him. A healthy relationship is a balanced one.

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Rushing into love can be a sign of low self-esteem. Ask yourself if you’re really compatible, or if you’re just enjoying feeling wanted.

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Resolve your issues as they appear rather than building up petty resentments, and focus on the positives too!

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Don’t compare your relationship to others’. Every relationship is individual with different circumstances.

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