Couple who met at Heathrow are now living ‘happily ever after’


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In today’s world of dating apps and websites, stories of chance meetings are becoming rarer. But for some couples love does still strike in the most unlikely of places. In a story that feels straight out of* Love Actually*, Rebecca and Simon describe how they were struck by cupid’s arrow at Heathrow Airport.

"I was about to embark on a two-week trip around Europe with my close friend, when I met Simon in the Dixons Travel store at Heathrow. A few months prior, I had really got into photography, and I wanted to buy a professional camera so that I could capture some memories on my trip," said Rebecca.

Having already reserved her camera before her visit, Rebecca went to pick it up when Simon struck up a conversation. "He was standing next to me in the queue, and overheard me telling my friend that I was really excited to start playing with the camera. He commented that I'd made a great choice and that he had the same one at home!"


"We just got talking after that, and realised that we both had so much in common - our love of photography being one!". As Simon was travelling alone, Rebecca and her friend invited him to have breakfast with them. "It felt like we had known each other for years", she said.

Still discussing their mutual interest in photography over breakfast, Simon offered to show Rebecca how to professionally use her camera when they both had some free time after their holidays. "He was much more experienced in photography than me, so it was really kind of him to offer to show me the ropes. Plus, I was secretly happy because it meant that I'd get to see him again," she said.

So, before departing ways at Heathrow, they exchanged email addresses and also scheduled a date for the photography lesson (or unofficial date, as Rebecca calls it). "I was really excited to see Simon again, and couldn't stop thinking about seeing him all holiday long."

It's safe to say that their unusual first date went down a success, because Rebecca and Simon are now married home-owners. "Years later and living happily ever after, we're still both obsessed with photography. We've even got an upcoming photography trip to Venice planned for our anniversary - we'll be flying from Heathrow to celebrate, of course!".

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