You know you’ve been single for too long when…

All those single gals out there- any of these signs sound familiar?

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by Fiona Day |
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You’ve bought a pet (more specifically, a cat)

Pretty soon your cat has its own Instagram page, Twitter account... Yup, you're an official Cat Lady.

Your family has given up asking if you’re seeing someone

Instead it's the snide 'singleton' comments. Yay.

You hate the idea of sharing your bed

You just got used to having all that space!

None of your underwear matches anymore

It's just you at the end of the day so why bother with matching lingerie?

You’ve stopped getting bikini waxes

Nobody else has seen your downstairs for months, why waste money on waxing?

You consider meeting up with an ex boyfriend

****After a bottle of wine you suddenly realise you might have made a massive mistake (except he was a jerk, and you'll remember in the morning when that hangover hits)

You’ve forgotten what your type is

The slightly creepy ones suddenly seem very attractive, no?

You hate it when ‘Single Ladies’ comes on at weddings


You wonder if sex has changed

Like are there new moves? What are people even calling it these days?

You start to think there’s something wrong with you (there isn’t)

Is there a reason why I'm spending Friday night alone watching Netflix?

Will I die alone? (You won’t)

But let's be honest, you wouldn't swap your freedom just for anyone!

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