You know you’ve found The One when…

This GIF article hilariously sums up exactly what happens when you find The One…


by Kayleigh Dray |

So you've found The One.

No no… not THAT The One. Although that would also be very cool.

We're talking about your other half, your soulmate, the absolute love of your life.

Exactly. Glad we're on the same page here, people.


So… what happens next?

All sorts of amazing stuff, that's what.

Well, you don't have to worry about uncomfortable, sexy underwear for starters.

Maybe the red thong might come out on special occasions but, otherwise, nope; he loves you, and your cotton novelty undies, just as you are.

Or, y'know, getting dressed on Sundays.

PJs are the best, innit?

You definitely don't have to worry about small talk.

Nah, you don't need that rubbish in your life. Comfortable silence is golden and all that malarkey…

But you CAN have deep and meaningful conversations.

Also shallow and pointless ones - but, y'know, same thing.

You have a few little 'in' jokes that nobody else really gets…

Or wants to get.

And sometimes you can say everything you ever need to each other with just one look.

"You, me, and the entire first series of Game Of Thrones. Whaddaya say, stud?"

You like to try different things as a duo…

Mmmhmmm, this definitely counts.

… but sofa time together is the best.

"More wine, love?"


You find it hard to sleep without him.

It's just more snuggly as a pair.

But, when he has to wake up earlier than you, you LOVE having extra bed space.

Mmmm, so much blanket.

While we're on the subject of beds, morning breath?

Well, it's still a bit gross - but you'll still kiss him without sending him off to brush.

You don't feel self-conscious about your body.

They totally love every single freckle and wobbly bit - and it's AMAZING!

And ditto to him.

He's never felt hotter, man.

He's there for you when you're all sick and gross.

Yup, and you're there for him too - so long as he's not infectious.

He even buys you tampons or sanitary towels…

…depending on your preference / specific instructions. Chocolate sometimes arrives as well, if he knows what's good for him.

And you feel like you can tell him anything.


But you don't mind calling him out when he does something wrong.

Erm, crumbs? No. Crumbs go in the bin - otherwise you find yourself in the danger zone.

Or, y'know, having standoffs over whose turn it is to do the washing up.


Or feeling like you've done him a MASSIVE favour when you take the bins out without him asking you to.

"Seriously though, you owe me."

And you acknowledge that, sometimes, you're not going to get on.

Hey, fights happen - but you're grown up enough to deal with them.

Because, sometimes, he can be a real a-hole.

I mean, who EATS a person's last Malteser without being offered?!

So no, you don't do icky cute baby names anymore…

Well, maybe you do. Does 'dickhead' count?

But you do still want to spend more time with him than anyone else.

Your friends are great and all… but it's hard to readjust to being a fully-functioning human being when you could be slobbing out with your other half.

Partly because you have way more fun that way…

Well, at least one of you does, most of the time.

And, more importantly, because you can eat what you WANT in front of him, instead of picking daintily at a salad.

"Do I love you more than ice cream? Now that's a toughy…"

And you can fart in front of him.

Probably more than once, if we're honest.

And burp.

He's cool with it - even if he DOES mercilessly mock you for hours each time.

And be friends with his mum.

Mums are the coolest.

And say what you're really thinking.

However bad it may be.

And have sex with the best person you know.

God, that's good.

And be your 100% weirdo natural self around him, for as long as you both shall live.

… it goes both ways, obviously.

Because that's what love is really all about.


So, yes, you definitely can see yourself growing old together.

"I don't want anyone else but you, boo."

Love is just the best, right?


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