How to keep the romance alive

Closer columnist Tracey Cox on how to keep your relationship from falling into a slump


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What makes a great relationship? Friendship, fun, mutual support and great sex life! When I am working with couples who are struggling in their relationships, it tends to be because they’ve lost the spark between the sheets and the fun from the friendship. It’s hard to imagine that Colombian singer Shakira can relate to this, what with those hips and that bulging bank balance, but since having one-year-old son Milan with partner Gerard Pique, the 31 year old has agreed relationships take “a lot of laughter and a lot of fun moments” to keep the passion alive.

Here’s what to do to keep your relationship fun and healthy.


How to keep the romance alive

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Keep communicating. Expressing your feelings- the good and the bad-promotes trust and intimacy.

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Break your sex-life routine. Everyone has fantasies and exploring them will totally reinvent your love life.

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Sit down and enjoy dinner together (away from the TV!) two or three time a week. It’s a way of catching up and unwinding.

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Be silly together! Learn to be a little bit daft with one another. Laughing reminds us why we are with the one we love.

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Be tactile. Physical touch should be daily part of your relationship.

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Keep fit! Both of you should want to look great for the other. This ensures your self-esteem remains high and that you continue to fancy one another.

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There’s nothing like thrill of a new relationship. Falling in love is often called a “beautiful insanity” where we are all but obsessed with the object of our desire. Of course, insanity isn’t the best place to make important, life changing decisions. Anyone can be on their best behavior at the start of a relationship, but try not to get too caught up in the excitement and allow yourself time to find out if they’re keeper.

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You’re not in a film so stop trying to emulate one. The Hollywood version of relationships where we “just know it’s right” is a fantasy.

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You might feel like you want to spend every minute together, but make sure you set aside time for friends once a week and encourage him to see his mates, too. A healthy relationship is a balanced one.

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Work at your friendship-it’s what underpins your relationship and offers longevity.

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Tell each other what you need and want from your relationship.

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Resolve your issues as they appear rather than building up petty resentments, and focus on the positives too! It’s so easy to only what isn’t working, but it’s important to recognise how fantastic your relationship is most of the time.

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Don’t compare your relationship to others; every relationship is individual with different circumstances.

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These days, it’s clear we have a throwaway relationship culture. With divorce at an all-time high, it’s time to take our partnerships seriously. Healthy relationships need lots of effort from both people to keep them happy and strong. Good luck!

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