How to find Mr Right: Relationship advice from Closer psychologist Emma Kenny

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A healthy way to find Mr Right is to avoid the serial dating trap.

Serial daters tend to feel the need to define themselves through someone else’s affection – they don’t have time alone to work out who they are and learn to love themselves. Of course, it’s great having a man who makes you feel good, but unless you’ve learnt to like yourself regardless of that, these feelings can be short-lived.

Kelly Brook, 34, is a prime example of a serial dater. She is a gorgeous woman but seems to hop from one relationship to another and is now apparently back with ex-fiance David McIntosh, 28, after a whirlwind engagement and short-lived split.

Rather than thinking you need a partner to make you feel happy, try to enjoy being single and find your own confidence – that way you’ll know when you do meet Mr Right.


How to find Mr Right: Advice from Closer psychologist Emma Kenny

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Choosing to be single is a powerful feeling. Knowing you’re confident alone means you’ll be strong enough to be happy, whatever life throws at you.

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Jumping from one man to another can often mean repeating the same negative patterns. Take time out to think about why you always choose the bad boy, or the needy guy, to help break the cycle.

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Make a list of what you expect from a relationship (eg not 6ft 2 with rippling muscles, but considerate and kind) and refuse to budge on any of the points.

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All this might mean it will take longer to find your perfect man, but he’ll be Mr Right, rather than Mr Right Now.

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