Emma Kenny’s top tips for online dating

Emma Kenny reveals her tips on how to navigate the online dating world


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Meeting potential dates has never been equally more easy or more difficult! With a whole world of eligible bachelors now at our fingertips- literally- it can be easy to feel overwhelmed.

But Closer psychologist Emma Kenny insists that online dating is not something to fear, but something to embrace.

Hectic schedules make finding time to set aside a ‘date night’ a tedious exercise. With online dating sites you can get a feel of the person BEFORE choosing to meet up for that all-important first date.

Emma explains to Flirtify’s blog: “Today much of our search for the elusive Mr. or Miss Right happens online - on dating sites like Flirtify, and it makes sense because we all have such busy lives.”

So you’re signed up, profile made. How do you start searching for that first potential date?

Emma says: “Very often people make some school-boy errors when setting their search criteria. There are a few no brainers, such as age and gender, but often people get too picky and start cutting out vast amounts of potential matches.

Emma suggests expanding your dating horizon
Emma suggests expanding your dating horizon

“If you don't have kids, you may not want to take someone else's on. Or if you hate smoking you’d be sure that you didn't want to date a smoker, etc.”

But online dating may be an opportunity to ‘try on’ a different type of date.

Emma explains: “Kids grow up and smokers can kick the habit, so why exclude them from your searches, I say? I understand why; people want to find the perfect person, but what if your perfect person is as imperfectly perfect as you?”

Interestingly, she adds: “A good exercise is to reflect on all the different people you have been attracted to in the past. Look at the diversity and think about both the subtle and more obvious things that attracted you to them - it's amazing how varied these will be.”

Good luck!

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