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Closer’s dating columnist and expert, Rebecca Twomey, tries and fails to establish the delicate balance between protecting your emotions and not pushing someone away entirely

Feedback doesn’t usually happen after a date – you just have to accept you’ll never know the real reason why you didn’t hear from him again. But never before have I received a critique mid date, until last week that is.

It all started off perfectly pleasant, we matched on Bumble, exchanged a few messages then arranged a drink. Initially the conversation flowed and even though we had very different views on politics, travel and friendships I thought we’d had healthy debate.

Dating advice pub beer garden

But perhaps he mistook our clashing views for romantic chemistry. After some drinks – and perhaps a few too many, he constantly wanted to stroke my leg and kiss me in a crowded beer garden.

None of this is bad, it’s just I struggle with PDA, I live alone and can go at least a week without touching another human being so physical intimacy, even hand holding, feels a bit too much with a stranger I only met a few hours ago.

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Date beer garden

After misreading dates and relationships I thought were going somewhere multiple times over, I’ve become very cautious about investing my emotions as I can’t cope with repeatedly having expectations and hope only for them to crumble when I’m ghosted.

I explained politely to my date that I’m a slow burner and don’t like kissing in crowded places, but he launched into a character assignation, telling me I was ‘cold,’ ‘jaded’ and that there must be ‘someone else I like.’

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The irony is, I’d already explained to him I’m like to let thing develop slowly – explaining how I’m not someone who will WhatsApp all day long and can’t reply instantly. But his patience ran thin in real life when he wanted the magic spark and excitement within minutes of meeting, and for me to kiss him within minutes and I’m afraid I couldn’t give him that.

Perhaps it was him. Perhaps it was me. Maybe years of heartache and disappointment have made me so guarded that I’m now pushing people away.


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But I do believe in balance, there’s a fine line between trying not to get hurt and coming across as disinterested. The best dating armour you can have, is time. Take your time and slow things down – don’t message non-stop all day, maybe just once a day, meet up once or twice a week not for a whole weekend within days of meeting, and pace yourself when it comes to physical intimacy if you’re the type of person who invests emotions quickly.

I just hope the right man for me will be happy to go and my pace. My emotions are precious and I’m only going to invest them wisely.

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