Couple who dated online meet in real life at Heathrow


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In today’s world of dating apps and websites, stories of chance meetings are becoming rarer. But for some couples love does still strike in the most unlikely of places. In a story that feels straight out of Love Actually, Hannah and Sam describe how they were struck by cupid’s arrow at Heathrow Airport.

"Me and Sam first met over the internet on a chat forum. Our first conversation was us poking fun at each other and our Canadian/British stereotypes. We talked for hours, exchanged information, and continued the conversation through social media." The couple dated for three years before finally meeting in real life at Heathrow.

"Even ages before we met, I knew I wanted to be with Sam for good. Emotionally, we were as close as we could be over Skype, and would sometimes speak for 6+ hours a day."

Recalling the first time she met Sam in real life, Hannah said: "I had just gotten my luggage and was so nervous to meet Sam for the first time. I remember being thankful for Heathrow's easy navigation as this was my first trip abroad by myself, and my biggest fear was getting lost. When I got to the arrivals area at terminal 2, I couldn't see Sam anywhere. I had a mini panic thinking I had gone the wrong way, until I saw him walking towards me."


"I was so happy in that moment, I felt safe and comfortable in that airport and when I saw Sam. He gave me the biggest hug and we were both shaking with nerves. It was such a magical experience!"

Initially, Hannah was shocked by how tall Sam was, and how "strange it was to be seeing his face in person after spending all of our time together over a Skype screen for years. I couldn't believe he was real!". She describes their initial meeting at Heathrow as the "icing on the cake. It confirmed all of the wonderful things I thought about him."

After leaving the airport, the couple "drove up north to where Sam lives now." Hannah says it was "a lovely journey, quite the geographical culture shock compared with my home in the mountains in Canada." They spent some time together and got to know each other even more.

But sadly, Hannah's trip had to come to an end, and the couple are now back to living 4,500 miles apart. "He is still my best friend and I hope to meet him in Heathrow again sometime soon," says Hannah. "I look back on our summer together with so much love and contentment. With the adventure starting and finishing at Heathrow, I couldn't have had it any better than it was. I will never forget that magical moment in the airport."

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