This couple are proof that you can find love at an airport


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In today’s world of dating apps and websites, stories of chance meetings are becoming rarer. But for some couples love does still strike in the most unlikely of places. In a story that feels straight out of Love Actually, Shona and Trevor describe how they were struck by cupid’s arrow at Heathrow airport.

"I first saw Trevor on the monorail at Heathrow's T5 departure building. I thought he was really good looking and I remember thinking I hoped I was sitting next to him on the plane," said Shona, who was travelling to Argentina for a holiday. But she had no luck - Shona was instead sat next to a friendly Irish guy.

After leaving from Heathrow, their plane was due to stop-over at São Paulo, and this is when Shona saw Trevor again. He was "standing in the aisle just up from where I was sitting. We all had to disembark the plane and make our way to the baggage carousel. I stood next to Trevor and this is when we first spoke." But it wasn't love at first conversation, as Shona said: "I thought he was disinterested and grumpy!"

"I tried to engage Trevor in conversation a couple of times after our first chat. I wanted to establish the purpose of his travels (basically, whether he was meeting a girlfriend)." Hint: he wasn't - he was actually going to meet family.

Fast forward a few hours later, and Shona, Trevor and the Irish guy she was sitting next to on the plane happened to be staying in the same hotel during the stop-over, and had organised to meet for drinks! They ended up all swapping emails before they embarked on their second flight.


After Shona got to Argentina, she decided to drop an email to Trevor to say hi. "It turned out he was also in [the same town], seeing two of his sisters, his nieces and nephew. We arranged to meet one evening, and spent the next two evenings together before my friend and I moved on to another area. We then kept in touch on a regular basis by email, arranging to meet the evening I landed back at Heathrow. From then on, we took it in turns to go to each other’s cities on virtually every weekend, until moving in together in Putney eight to nine months later."

Things moved *pretty *quickly, but Shona told us that "it didn’t take long to realise he was the one!" Awww. The loved-up couple got wed in 2012 and now they have a gorgeous little girl.

Shona said that "whilst I was at a place in life when I was ultimately looking for love, mine and Trevor's encounter at Heathrow was definitely fate!" And we believe her!

"People who are travelling are open to opportunities. You have a relaxed holiday spirit and feeling of adventure. I was a believer that you can make your own luck in life and sometimes you have to seek opportunities." Guess us single ladies best be getting ourselves to an airport, pronto...** **

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