Closer interviews a real-life Christian Grey about biggest turn-offs and freakiest fetishes

From electric shock foreplay to bedroom turn-offs, Bondara's Joe Satari (aka the real-life Christian Grey) has revealed what men like him REALLY want between the sheets...


by Kayleigh Dray |
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What’s the freakiest fetish you’ve ever encountered?

Generally I’ve found the fetishes that tend to spook and intrigue women the most are rubber gimp masks or electric shock foreplay, but both can be ‘shockingly' pleasurable in fact.

I once encountered a girl who loved incorporating balloons into our routine… sitting on them, popping them between our bodies or riding me whilst I was blowing one up was certainly fun and freaky.

What is it about being dominated that you think is so appealing?

It's a combination of things; most women are strong forces to be reckoned with in their day to day lives and they like to be in a position of authority. When they are in the bedroom they relish the opportunity and savour the release of having a space where they are the one being dominated.

I’ve also found many also associate being dominated with being taken care of, its comforting to be in the arms of someone with “power” - they feel protected. For some, its the idea that somebody is so sexually attracted to them that they want to do anything and everything and its a case of being submissive so that the person can wholly enjoy you and your body.

For those needing a little encouragement these command cards are a great start.

What are the most common worries that women have when it comes to sex (in your opinion)?

The most common worry women tend have in the bedroom is body image and guys fret about it too, more than most women would be led to believe.

In my experience women are often concerned with being seen as adventurous in the bedroom, it goes without saying that no-one wants to be seen as boring in bed.

Unwanted noises from intimate areas is a classic coitus concern that is beyond anyones control.

I’d advise your readers to forget about any hangups they have, if a partner is sleeping with you, they are there to admire, appreciate and celebrate the unique qualities you have and this works vice versa.

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What are the main things that can put a man off sex?

One thing that really puts a guy off sex is when a girl is putting too much effort in. Guys really can tell and disingenuous over the top fakery does no-one any favours.

A girl should always take care of the basic hygiene essentials of course and guys want a women who is sure of her worth, be confident and try not to be too rigid.

What can affect men’s confidence when it comes to sex? Is there anything women do which affects this?

There’s plenty that can kill a guys buzz. Both partners tend to spend too long worrying about not being able to satisfy each other. Be patient, be open to suggestions and communicate.

Audible signals can help; really any sort of communication as long as its genuine compliments or constructive feedback should be welcomed and by sharing fantasies and preferences a couples performance and enjoyment will sky rocket.

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