Author insists women who want successful relationships ‘must have sex on the first date’

An author has insisted that women who want to be successful in dating need to stop playing it cool and give everything up on the first date.

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by Jack White |

Appearing on This Morning, Blake Lavak said that his sister's difficulties in finding true love inspired him to write his new book Own That Guy in 60 Days.

He said that his sister was taught to hold back when entering a new relationship – and that's where she was going wrong.

"She was taught to be cool, be aloof, stand back, let the guy chase you," he said.

Agony aunt Denise Robertson was not impressed with Blake's comments

"Well, other girls I know, they do exactly the opposite, and they have guys falling out of trees for them."

Blake insists women must have sex on the first date and that they should pay for dinner and drinks.

He continued: "You do this for 60 days. You're getting the guy to fall in love with they way you make him feel. You'll have him hooked for 14+ years."

Unsurprisingly Blake's views were met with some criticism on Twitter.

One user wrote: "I would rather stick with the traditional ways classy not trashy your way is the high way [sic]"

Another said: "Typical of a bloke to say this, I'd never lower myself to sleep with a bloke on the first night, if he's the one he'll wait."

"This is such a pathetic little man. What woman would agree with him? Blake sounds like a selfish misogynist."

What do you think of Blake's views?

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