15 signs you’re with the woman you should marry

Should you pop the question? Here’s 15 signs you’re with the woman you should marry…

15 signs you’re with the woman you should marry

by Kayleigh Dray |
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1. She makes an effort with your friends

She knows all your friends by name, loves them to bits, and regularly asks about them. Your friends don’t even mind if she comes along on your nights out, because she’s so much fun to be around!

2. And on that note…

Your friends are really, truly, genuinely happy for you - and they’re really rooting for you guys. Mainly because they’ve seen you date some pretty awful people in the past, but also because they know that you guys are just better together.

3. She inspires you to be the best you can be

When you’re not sure you’re good enough to go for that dream job, she gives you the courage you need to shoot for the stars.

4. And she’s your biggest cheerleader

Whether she’s talking to her friends, her family, or her co-workers, she can’t help singing your praises. It might be because you scored a big promotion at work, or because you made a pretty snazzy lasagne, but it all basically boils down to the fact that she thinks you’re the coolest person of all time. And she’s stoked to be with you, too!

5. She STILL thinks you’re smokin’ hot (and vice versa)!

Yup, every now and then you catch her checking you out - for no reason. It’s basically just because she thinks you’re the hottest human on the planet (which is always a big fat plus!).

6. You trust her completely (and vice versa)

Trust is pretty much he most important part of any relationship - but trust is hard to find and easy to break. So, if you’ve found a woman you can trust entirely, then you’ve found The One.

7. The future doesn’t scare you

In some relationships, you can feel too scared to plan something six weeks in the future, let alone six months. You want to be with someone you feel comfortable with, and a relationship you feel confident enough about, to book those plane tickets next year!

8. You have the same goals

Wanting the same things long-term — whether it’s having kids, a house, or lots of vacations — will help you through any obstacles you may face. After all, there's no point dating someone who definitely wants five children when you know you only want one, when you're in a good place in your career, is there?

9. She’s your BFF

She’s the first person you want to call, in bad times and in good. She’s the person you want to send that funny cat video too, just because it reminded you of her. She’s the person you love dressing up with for a night out, or slobbing out with on the couch watching Netflix. You don't worry about grossing her out, or boring her with work gossip, or revealing TMI, because you're close. Closer than close. You're best friends, in fact! And that level of friendship, trust and comfort is exactly what you need to make a relationship work. As Nietsche said, “it's not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”

10. She’s always there for you (and vice versa)

Can you depend on her? Is she there for you not only when you are at your best, but when you’re at your worst? Will she stay by your side or will her love waver the minute the waters turn rough?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve picked a keeper.

11. The sex is still good

It may not be as frequent as it was when you first started dating (and, if it is, you’re a lucky so-and-so), but the sex is still good. Better than good. Bloody amazing, in fact!

12. She fights fairly (and vice versa)

When you fight (hey, all couples do it) she doesn’t make cheap shots, or get excessively angry, or give you the silent treatment. Sure, she’s mad - but she wants to work it out with you, so you argue like two adults who love each other.

14. She respects you

This means that she listens when you talk to her, takes your opinions on board, and treats you like her equal in the relationship. it’s not her way or the highway, basically - it’s about the two of you.

15. She loves you - just as you are

Yup, that’s right; she knows all your weird little quirks (she knows you sometimes eat peanut butter straight from the jar), she’s seen you hungover, she’s nursed you through bouts of illness, she’s been with you when you’re cranky, and she STILL loves you completely. Win.

So... is it time for you to put a ring on it?

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