It’s official: Taking your bra off is better than sex!


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A study has found that some women prefer the feeling of taking off their bra at the end of a long day to having sex

We've all been there, haven't we?

Some days feel SO much longer than others, and by the time you're getting your pyjamas on it can feel like a week has passed since you last had them on.

But at the end of days like this, there are some small mercies - like taking off your bra.


GALLERY: Top skin expert reveals her top tips for keeping skin healthy in winter


Abigail James' top 7 tips for healthy skin in winter (slider)

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1. Say goodbye to unnecessary chemicals

"Some fragrances and colours are skin irritants and have no actual benefits for the skin - they simply look and smell nice. "According to the research almost two thirds of British women are concerned about the chemicals in their personal care products so my advice would be to avoid unnecessary chemical ingredients and look for shower gels and deodorants that are kinder to skin - such as the Sanex Zero% range which is formulated with 0% colourants, 0% soap and 0% parabens."

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2. Avoid low fat diets

"When it comes to holistic health, achieving a healthy balance is really important. Choose healthy fats for healthy cell function – this can be added into your diet through foods such as avocadoes, fish, nuts and seeds and plant oils such as flax and hemp. "Another tip is to ditch the processed margarines. If you're going to have butter then make it organic natural butter which has less synthetic ingredients."

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3. Try light exercise

"Getting up and moving daily will boost circulation, and getting your muscles moving will increase your levels of 'happy' hormones or endorphins and blood flow. This in turn will give your skin a lovely healthy glow. "It doesn't matter whether it's a light stroll or training at the gym, as long as you're moving your skin will feel the benefits."

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4. Get an early night

"Lack of sleep increases the visible appearance of ageing, such as dark circles caused by sluggish circulation."With that in mind say goodbye to your phone or tablet at least an hour before going to bed and try to get a good night's sleep – your skin will thank you for it."

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5. Reduce sugar intake

"A high intake of sugar can cause an inflammatory reaction within the skin resulting in a whole host of skin conditions, from acne and rosacea to premature ageing and dry skin. "A little treat every now and then won't hurt, but try to keep an eye on your sugar levels if you're looking to keep skin healthy."

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6. Curb the caffeine

"Too much coffee or caffeinated drinks can put extra stress on the liver and digestive system which impacts your body's natural detoxification process. "This build-up of toxins can have a negative effect on the health of your skin causing issues such as dry skin, redness and sensitivity."

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7. Skincare shouldn't stop at your face

"There can often be a temptation to focus on the health of the skin on our faces but we must remember that the whole body is covered in skin which is the largest organ of your body – so we need to make sure we are giving it the care it deserves."Our skin absorbs a percentage of the products we apply, so choose products that are gentle on skin with natural moisturisers."

But some shocking stats have uncovered the fact that one in 10 women actually prefer that feeling of releasing The Girls at the end of the day to having sex.

Back up a minute - that's a pretty strong statement!

According to research undertaken on behalf of bra manufacturer's Sloggi, 10% of women think that the feeling of taking off a bra after a long day can feel better than sex.


Another quarter of the women surveyed said that they would happily compare the pleasure they experience from removing their bras to the same pleasure they feel when tucking into their favourite chocolate bar.


Three in five admitted that they actually look forward to getting home and taking their bra off.

The women revealed that of all the discomfort they get from their clothing, bras are definitely the most painful culprit as they said that underwire digs into their skin at least five times a month - with those shoulder straps digging in four times a month.

But it's not just bras that are giving us jip - a quarter of women said that their shoes are painful, and 45% women confessed that they couldn't wait to get home before removing an uncomfortable item of clothing and doing it at work.

Well... You've got to do what you've got to do!

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