VIDEO: What happens when you challenge three men to recreate the smokey eye look? A hilarious makeup tutorial, that’s what!

Watch as three men get to grips with mascara, eye shadow and eyelash curlers - with hilarious results!


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Most of us know that perfectin the smokey eye look is almost impossible, so we were very intrigued to see how these three unsuspecting men would fare when they picked up their mascara brushes for the first time ever.

And the results are hilarious.

From putting eyeliner on their eyelashes to slamming eyelash curlers as "torture devices", the video definitely makes it into our favourites - and we particularly love it when one defeated made-up male turns to the camera and (echoing Batman's The Joker), asks us: "Want to know how I got these scars?"

Check it out for yourself:

Amazing, huh?

Mashable filmed the unlikely trio as they applied cosmetics on their faces, following the guidance of YouTube beauty tutorial sensation, Michelle Phan.

Oh dear...
Oh dear...

And, despite claiming that their eyelashes felt like "little wings that just flutter away", it quickly becomes apparent that they have NOT impressed beauty guru Miss Phan.

However, while she may have been left a little worried about the guys' dallianes with baby-pink lipstick and gold eyeshadow, viewers of the video have thanked the trio for making them laugh - no wonder the video has had over 797,598 views so far!

What do you think of the boys' attempts to recreate the smokey eye look? Let us know below via our Comments Box, stat!

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