The socks and sandals debate : chic or eek?

When it comes to style, there are some rules that most of us fashion lovers will happily follow. The style mantra includes rules like; don't wear a strappy bra with a strapless dress, don't show off cleavage AND a lot of leg at the same time, and don't wear socks with sandals.


by Matilda Stanley |
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But recently, certain stylish celebs are showing off their rebellious sides and breaking the 'sock-dal' rule and we're not sure how we feel about it!

Effortlessly cool, Fearne Cotton has been the main culprit - working an open toe heel or sandal with a sock on many occasions as she strolled into work at Radio1 over the last few weeks. In true Cotton form, the DJ, keeps her quirky footwear combo pretty low key and casual with soft grey socks.

Fearne finished off her denim and grey combo with chunky platform heels recently.
Fearne finished off her denim and grey combo with chunky platform heels recently.

Then, designer and queen of chic, Victoria Beckham stepped out last week working a seriously strappy heel with a plain, knitted black tight whilst out and about in Paris. Shocker!

the star finished off her classic black outfit with a 'sock-dal' combination last week

All of a sudden, the former fashion faux pass seems to be an acceptable way to show of heavenly heels before summer comes in celebsville. We must have missed that memo, but it seems to be catching on!

What do you think ladies? Is it one of those odd micro trends that some how works for a quirky, cool footnote or do these rule breakers need to hang up their sandals until the warm weather begins? Sock-dals. Yay or nay?

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