OMG! Gemma Collins’ new clothing line for single girls is FABULOUS

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Gemma Collins has unveiled her brand new clothing line aimed at single girls who are dating

Gemma Collins has had a pretty massive 12 months.

After becoming a worldwide meme, or "mem-ay" as she likes to call them, she then made headlines once again after taking a rather embarrassing fall at the Radio 1 Teen Awards.

But the GC bounced back, as she always does, and is now well into the newest series of Celebs Go Dating.

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Eden Blackman

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1) It’s all about ambience

Eden says: "From the music you pick to get you in the mood, to the lighting and temperature – creating that perfect setting makes both of you feel at ease. "Think instrumental music and low lighting – Professor Robert Pickard agrees, 'Evidence suggests that people are more likely to feel romantic if they are alert, warm and relaxed.'"

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2) Phones off

Eden says: "...And we mean the whole night! The most thoughtful compliment you can give your date is your complete attention. Respect their time by being entirely present during the meal."

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3) A little planning goes a long way

Eden says: "Make sure you get the ingredients for your home cooked meal in advance. It is no coincidence that food & love go hand in hand, but there is more to it than just delicious food and an effect on taste buds, there is a science to the perfect meal. "Considering ingredients such as red meat can help to provide vital nutrients and minerals that not only benefit your health but also trigger chemical reactions in the body that can contribute to your success."

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4) Don't turn the date into a job interview

Eden says: "Ask questions, but don't interrogate, the perfect date is all about cultivating a feeling of comfort and ease, it's about forging a connection not conducting an inquisition. Where you can, talk about subjects that you are both interested in and keep ex's well away from the conversation."

Gemma, who has made no secret of the fact she's desperate to find love, has become an even bigger household name through her appearance on the matchmaking show.

Using her bolstered profile to her advantage, Gemma has joined forces with dating app Badoo to create a clothing line for single girls.

Dubbed the "Royal Highness of all Single Girls," Gemma has also released a hilarious teaser video for the clothing line.

In it, she can be seen bossing about her Badoo assistants, telling them that the material they've brought her is not quite the right shade of purple and showing off garish jumpers with her face on.

She's even been inspired by the Christmas tradition Elf on a Shelf - creating Gem on the Hem!

There's even a phone case which is up for grabs in a competition which ends Thursday 22 February.

Good luck!

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