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Just like a circle, a wedding ring neither has a beginning nor an end, therefore symbolises the eternal bond of love that comes with marriage. However, a ring can be taken off or get lost, so what better way is there than marking your never-ending love story with a beautiful wedding ring tattoo.

Not only does a wedding ring tattoo save you a lot of money, you also have the chance to create your unique personal design which makes the symbol of your marriage even more special.

How much do wedding ring tattoos cost?

Depending on the tattoo artist and also the design prices vary, but compared to a physical ring you will definitely save a significant amount of money. While wedding ring tattoos start from as low as £50 and go up to no more than £2000 for complex designs, couples tend to spend thousands for engagement rings and wedding bands.

How long do wedding ring tattoos last?

First of all, the tattoo will last forever unless you decide to get it painfully removed by a laser (bear in mind though that this could cost £1,000 upwards). However, your tattoo might fade with time, so it might need to be touched up every once in a while. The most important thing is the aftercare for your inked ring. Follow your tattoo artist’s instructions on how to protect your new wedding ring tattoo. Keeping it clean and not over moisturised will help your skin heal quickly after you got it inked. This way you’ll have the best starting position for a long-lasting wedding ring tattoo.

Are wedding ring tattoos bad luck?

In the last few years wedding ring tattoos have clearly become more and more trendy. Though, not everyone considers them to be a good replacement of a normal wedding band. Some might say it’s bad luck, but as the wedding ring tattoo is for you and your beloved other half, all that should matter is what you make of it. No doubt there are pros and cons, but if you consider everything carefully and feel that something more unconventional suits you best, there’s nothing more romantic than marking your love with a personal wedding ring tattoo.

If you are looking for some inspiration, here are our 21 favourite ideas for wedding ring tattoos:

1. Welcome the KING and his QUEEN

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Rebel Circus ©Pinterest

Now that you have found your prince, make your own princess fairy-tale come true by choosing this cute wedding ring tattoo crown design.

2. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Fabulous Design ©Pinterest

Why spend a fortune on a diamond ring, when you can have a diamond tattoo? This example also shows that there are also lots of great ways to design a wedding ring tattoo for men.

3. To infinity and beyond…

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Tattoo Daze ©Pinterest

The symbol of infinity represents your eternal love and therefore makes a perfect wedding ring tattoo. You can keep it as simple as this couple or make it more personal by adding your initials.

4. The “Connected by the heart” wedding ring tattoo

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Brit Morin ©Pinterest

This wedding ring tattoo features both partners’ initials connected by a heart – we love this romantic idea!

5. “Mr and Mrs” wedding ring tattoo

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: carrieannanema ©Pinterest

Finally, you are Mr and Mrs and this minimalistic wedding ring tattoo is a beautiful idea for creating your unique wedding ring tattoo. You are free to choose any writing you like to create your unique wedding ring tattoo.

6. You are always in my heart

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Tattooton ©Pinterest

This beautiful wedding ring tattoo shows a ribbon/bond/rope tied together to a heart-shaped knot. What a creative way of saying how much you mean to each other.

7. The minimalistic wedding ring tattoo

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Yes Magazine ©Pinterest

This wedding band tattoo is simple, but still shows the strong connection between you and your other half. If you like, you can also perfectly match it with a physical ring.

8. Playfully designed wedding ring tattoo

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Tattoodaze ©Pinterest

This couple created their unique design with beautiful intertwining patterns. Their design also includes infinity symbols - what an awesome idea!

9. Your special day forever in your mind

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Karlie Allen ©Pinterest

This way you will definitely never forget your anniversary: Get your wedding date inked on your ring finger and be reminded of your special day for the rest of your life.

10. Tie the knot

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Spiritus Tattoo ©Pinterest

Show everyone you have tied the knot with this cute knot wedding ring tattoo. This maritime wedding ring tattoo is especially great for couples who love the sea.

11. Celtic wedding ring tattoo

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Evan Tattoos ©Pinterest

This Celtic design is known for its never-ending lines, which makes it the perfect choice to express the strong bond between you and your partner.

12. Love says it all!

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Stylist Magazine ©Pinterest

As simple as it seems, one word can describe it all: LOVE - the reason for your marriage and your happily ever after! Even in rough times you know, that the love between you and your husband will conquer it all.

13. Your wedding date with Roman numerals

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Kim Harris ©Pinterest

Here’s another way of including your special day in your wedding ring tattoo. Roman numerals are perfectly suitable to add your wedding date to your tattoo design and give it a personal touch.

14. Blooming love

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Hi Miss Puff ©Pinterest

This branch-style wedding ring tattoo symbolises your growing, blooming love. Besides, it also reminds you that caring for each other is essential for a good marriage: Just like a plant needs water and light to grow and bloom, you need to take time for your partner.

15. The anchor of your marriage

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Antioch Hub ©Pinterest

An anchor stands for stability and strength and also represents a safe end of a long journey. The eternal journey of your marriage with your partner being the anchor that keeps you safe makes a beautiful meaning of your wedding ring tattoo.

16. You belong together

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Alexandra Plante ©Pinterest

This white ink tattoo shows who your heart belongs to. The white ink is less noticeable and therefore also great for matching the tattoo with a physical ring.

17. The wave wedding ring tattoo

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Laurie Ball ©Pinterest

Although there might be other fish in the ocean you have found your soulmate. These cute wave wedding ring tattoos symbolise your love which is as deep as the ocean.

18. For Harry Potter Fans

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Kerishma Moodley ©Pinterest

If you are a Harry Potter fan you will love this wedding ring tattoo with the symbol of the Deathly Hallows. If eternity isn’t enough this design is made for you!

19. The Irish wedding ring tattoo

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Sailorholly ©Pinterest

Aside from representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the three leaves of the Irish Shamrock also stand for faith, hope and love. Everything you also wish to have in your marriage.

20. Where words fail music speaks

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Tattoo Easily ©Pinterest

If you’re both into music why not get a tattoo with the chords of your favourite song that represents your love. Choose the song of your first wedding dance or maybe the song you listened to when you first got to know each other - possibilities are endless.

21. United with an ampersand

Wedding ring tattoos
CREDIT: Caledawn81 ©Pinterest

From now on there will always be a you & me. What a romantic way of expressing that you belong together and will never be lonely for the rest of your life.

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