WATCH: Hilarious video PERFECTLY sums up life with 4 kids

“After the third kid, people stop congratulating you.”


by Kayleigh Dray |
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There’s no denying it; motherhood is tough.

Don’t get us wrong - it’s rewarding, too. But… well, it’s really, really tough.

You barely have time to sleep, or eat, or even go to the toilet by yourself - so imagine how much MORE intense it gets once you welcome your fourth baby!

Comedian Jim Gaffigan expertly lays down some serious home truths about being a dad-of-four in this hilarious video.

Opening up his act, he announced: “I recently became a father,” to tumultuous applause.

“I became a father for the fourth time,” he continued, causing the applause to stop almost immediately.

Something which Jim did NOT fail to notice!

“There’s never as much applause on that part,” he said, looking around the room. “Really no applause, right?

“Because, after the third kid, people stop congratulating you.”

Are you ready for this?

“You wanna know what it’s like to have a fourth?” he asks the audience at large.

“Just imagine you’re drowning, and then someone hands you a baby.”

The video has gone down an absolute storm on YouTube, with mums and dads-of-four chiming in with their own anecdotes.

One commented: “I’m pregnant with #4 and this is spot on! I almost laughed the baby out!”

Another added dryly: “I just had my fifth.

“It's like I'm drowning with a 2 year old clinging to my throat and someone hands me a baby.”


In the words of Finding Nemo's Dori, we have this to say:

Can you relate to Jim Gaffigan?

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