VIDEO: Little boy finds out his mum is pregnant – and his reaction has gone viral!

When this 5-year-old found out he was going to be a big brother, his mum was on hand with a camera to catch his amazing reaction…


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We’ve seen plenty of videos of little boys and girls coming to terms with the fact that their mum is pregnant.

But we’ve never seen one quite like this before.

Yup, while the majority of those viral videos feature a LOT of tears, anguish and important questions (“WILL THE BABY HAVE TO SLEEP IN MY BED?!?!”), Sarah Bromby’s five-year-old son couldn’t be happier to hear his mum’s news.

Even if he doesn’t believe her at first.

“Is it in your belly? Just now?” he asks, before squeaking with joy when his mum confirms the news.

But he STILL doesn’t believe her.

Little boy:* “Are you really?”*

Mum:* “Yes.”*

Little boy: “Are you really having a baby?”

Mum: "Yes!"

Little boy: “Is it in there?”

Mum: *“Yeah, right now!”

Check out the cuteness now:

Thought I would share the video of me breaking the news to my 5yr old that he is going to be a big brother

Posted by [Sarah Bromby](#) on Saturday, 22 August 2015

“I really hope you’re not joking… he can sleep in my bed, you know,” the sweet little boy adds.

We love how his mum casually steers the conversation in a whole other direction when he starts asking HOW the baby got in there and WHY she decided to make it.

But, most of all, we love this little guy’s sheer enthusiasm.

He can hold it, you know.

Were you bowled over by this video’s cuteness? How did your little one react when they found out they were going to become a big brother or sister?

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