This video shows what REALLY happens to a mum’s body throughout her pregnancy


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Your innards get NO say in the matter

A video showing what REALLY happens to your body during pregnancy has got us all a bit... well, baffled.

The clip, made by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, takes us through an entire pregnancy, whilst giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the mother's body.

Her skin is still visible, but it is transparent - allowing us to see how her insides move to allow space for the baby.

The video will show you how your insides move around to make room for the baby (Credit: Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago) ©Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

It tells us that, in weeks 1 - 4, your body will start to produce hormones. Well we knew that already!

In weeks 5 - 8 of pregnancy, your oestrogen production increases by 1000x. Yes, you have ONE THOUSAND TIMES the amount of oestrogen in your body than you did before you got pregnant. Blimey. It's also at this point that your organs start to move to make way for the baby.

At 9 - 12 weeks, your heart pumps harder - in the video, a tiny foetus is now visible in the womb. The breasts also get bigger (don't we know it!) and your belly starts to expand.

If you're pregnant or trying for a baby, the video might be of interest to you (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

We move onto the second trimester which starts in weeks 13 - 16. The video tells us that the foetus starts to move at this point, and we can see that the baby is growing more quickly.

Food cravings and aversions really start to kick in at weeks 17 - 20, and your poor intestines have been shoved to the side. Good job they're so bendy!

The uterus starts to grow much more rapidly between weeks 21 & 24, and it's at Week 24 in the UK that babies are officially viable outside the womb.

Between 17-20 weeks, your intestines get shoved out of the way (Credit: Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago) ©Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

As your third trimester begins in weeks 25 - 28, the baby begins to move around 30 times an hour. And yes, your bladder becomes a lesser-important being.

In weeks 29 - 32, the video tells us that the organs get squeezed. We're sure most of you reading this can relate to that feeling!

The baby really does look quite large in weeks 33 - 36 in the video, and it tells us that our muscles and joints loosen. This is caused by a rather ironically named hormone called Relaxin. Hmm, we're not sure we agree with that moniker. But anyway, the joints loosen so that it's easier to push the baby out. Isn't that considerate?

Your joints will loosen to prepare for the birth (Credit: Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago) ©Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

We're then shown the "birth" - but don't worry, it's not gruesome, we just see what happens from the inside. And in case you were panicking about your poor intestines (like we were), they all go back to where they were before. Hooray!

You may have been watching this to prepare you for giving birth, you may have been watching to see what happened when you did give birth - or you might just be super curious. Either way, we hope this has broadened your minds. And not terrified you.

Are you expecting? Or have you given birth in the past? Did this video resonate with you or did anything suddenly make sense? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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