VIDEO: Dad-to-be gives his baby’s nursery an ‘MTV Cribs’ makeover

This rad dad-to-be has even given his baby girl a walk-in closet! Check out his viral nursery video here:

VIDEO: Dad-to-be gives his baby’s nursery an ‘MTV Cribs’ makeover

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Remember MTV’s Cribs?

The hit show used to feature a LOT of megastars, with rappers, actors, models and more giving us a no-holds-barred tour of their mansions.

It was pretty addictive viewing, if we’re honest - which is why we LOVE this dad-to-be’s amazing video tour of his baby’s nursery.

Because (yup, you guessed it!) Bryan Canatella has done it in the style of Cribs - complete with funky background music and slo-mo effects.

Check it out:

“We’ve got one of our core values emblazoned on the wall, because we don’t want her to take life too seriously,” he explains, standing beneath a sign reading ‘Play’.

There’s also the "elegant diaper changing station”, the “little animal friends”, the “magical unicorn from outer space”.

Little Cecilia - known as Cici when she’s hanging in da crib - will even have a walk-in closet.

Sort of, anyway.

"I mean it’s kind of a walk-in closet if you’re a baby," he says with a nonchalant shrug.

The creative video has already racked up a helluva lotta views, with plenty praising the dad’s inventiveness online.

One wrote simply: “Absolutely, positively BRILLIANT!!!”

Speaking with ABC News about the video’s mammoth success, Bryan - whose wife Caryn is due to give birth in August - said: “I was going to do just a normal tour but she said, ‘Let’s do something different.’

“We just went with it and had a lot of fun with it.”

What do you think of the epic video?

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