Twin baby names: 75 perfectly matched names for girl twins, boy twins AND boy/girl twins

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Twin names

by Rachel Davies-Day |

If you're due to welcome little ones into the world and are struggling to think of twin baby names, never fear, because we've found 75 matching monikers for you.

Two bundles of joy means you officially have at least one thing in common with Beyoncé - which is more than most of us can say.

All jokes aside, it's hard enough coming up with one baby name let alone two, which is why we've got you covered whatever the gender of your new angels, so you can save your worrying for the real stuff... you know, like the fact you're gonna have double the number of dirty nappies to deal with.

Not helping? Okay sorry, lets actually get to the part where we make things easier for you.

Here are 75 top twin names for boy twins, girl twins and one-of-each twins, AND their meanings...


Twin names
Gorgeous names for twin girls ©Getty

1) Eve and Zoe

Meaning: Both mean "life", but Eve is Hebrew and Zoë is Greek.

2) Freya and Phoebe

Meaning: Just like 'Love' and 'light', these names are the perfect pair. Freya is the name of the Norse Goddess of love, beauty and fertility and Phoebe epitomizes light as it comes from Greek Mythology, meaning "brilliant and radiant".

3) Esme and Imogen

Meaning: The name Esme was exported from France to Scotland via a member of the royal family and relates to the French 'Aimee', which means "beloved". Imogen is Greek and shares a similar meaning of "beloved child".

4) Ava and Belle

The French name Belle is a short form of Isabelle and means "beautiful". It has numerous positive associations from Beauty and the Beast's stunning Heroine to the phrase "Belle of the Ball". Ava has the meaning "life" and is thought to be Latin in origin or a variation of the Hebrew name 'Eve'. Together the names make "Beautiful life".

5) Amber and Margot

Meaning: What more could a mother want than two beautiful baby gems? Amber is an English jewel name that that was popularised in the 19th century from the name of the yellow resin used in jewellery making. Margot is a French baby name meaning "pearl".

6) Sarah and Almirah

Meaning: These beautiful girls' names share the meaning "princess".

Twin names
How cute are the Olsen twins ©Getty

7) Mary-Kate and Ashley

Meaning: Probably the most famous twin names on the list, Mary-Kate originates from English-American language and is a combination of the Hebrew name Mary and Kate, which in Latin means "pure" and "clear". Ashley is an English baby name meaning "lives in the ash tree grove".

8) Faith and Hope

Meaning: Faith denotes unquestioning belief and complete trust in God and is one of the three Christian virtues. The English name Hope is the second of the Christian virtues. If you're going for a hat-trick with triplets, the third virtue is Charity.

9) Arabella and Callista

Meaning: "beautiful" is the meaning of both of these baby names, which is exactly how they sound together.

10) Alice and Elsie

Meaning: Alice has German origins and means "noble". Elsie (Short for Elspeth) is an abbreviation of Elizabeth which means "devoted to God."

11) Heaven and Nevaeh

Meaning: These uncommon baby names are anagrams of each other. Heaven is an English baby name with a clear spiritual theme. It can be taken to mean "paradise". Neveah is simply Heaven spelt backwards - Genius!

12) Eden and Savannah

American actress Marcia Cross chose these beautiful names for her twin daughters who were born in 2007. The name Savannah originates in Spain and has the meaning "flat tropical grassland". Eden is a Hebrew name meaning "place of pleasure, delight".

13) Ciara and Niamh

Both of these names are Irish in origin, Ciara means "little dark one" while Niamh is an ancient Irish name meaning "bright".

14) Abigail and Emily

Meaning: Abigail means "the father's joy" in Hebrew. Emily is a Latin baby name and means "striving".

Twin names
Go for two K names like the Shannon twins ©Getty

15) Kristina and Karissa

The Shannon twins might have made their names famous doing un-godly things as Hugh Hefner's playmates, but they have very sacred meanings. The Greek meaning of Kristina is "Christian" and in Latin it means "Follower of Christ." Karissa means "very dear" in both Greek and Latin.

16) Isabella and Sophia

Meaning: Isabella and Isabel are variations of the Hebrew name Elizabeth which means "devoted to God". Sophia is a name of Greek origin and means "holy wisdom".

17) Hallie and Annie

Meaning: If there's one good thing Lindsey Lohan's achieved in her life it's taking on the role of both these twins in the 2001 Parent Trap remake (and Mean Girls, obvs). Hallie comes from the English surname meaning "dweller at the hall meadow". Annie is also English and has the meaning "grace".

18) Arianna and Brianna

Meaning: Arianna is a Greek baby name with the meanings "chaste" and "very holy". Brianna is the feminine version of Brian meaning "strong, virtuous and honourable".

19) Marcella and Matilda

Marcella is of Latin origin and means "warlike". Saint Marcella was a Roman Matron of Strength and Intellect. Matilda on the other hand is of German origin but shares the similar meaning of "battle-mighty".

20) Lottie and Lorna

Meaning: The French name Lottie is a feminine form of Charles, meaning "man" although it has the alternate (preferable) meanings "Tiny and Feminine". Lorna is an equally feminine name that originates from English Literature, specifically from the 1869 novel Lorna Doone by R.D. Blackmoore.

twin names, Haqq twins
Will your twins keep up with the Kardashians like the Haqq sisters? ©Getty

21) Malika and Khadija

Meaning: If you've been keeping up with the Kardashians the chances are you know exactly who the Haqq twins are. Regardless of whether you've heard of them before, we can all agree these identical sisters have stunning names. Malika is a Muslim name meaning 'Queen'. In arabic, Khadijah means "early baby". Khadija is named in the Koran as Muhammad's first wife and one of four perfect women.

22) Maya and Melody

Meaning: Maya is a name thought to have multiple origins including in Greek Mythology, the Central American Indian Empire and Spain. Maya was the legendary mother of Hermes by Zeus.

##23) Keira and Katrina

Meaning: Keira is an Irish name and it means "little dark one". Katrina is the German version of Katherine and it means "pure".

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24) Addison and Avery

Addison is a name made popular by television, namely by Grey's Anatomy. Avery has shot up in popularity as a female name in recent years, it means "ruler of the elves".

25) Ella and Lily

Meaning: In English Ella can mean "beautiful fairy woman" and in German it means "all". Lily is an English flower name that symbolises innocence and purity.


Twin names
Having twin boys? We've got some brill names ©Getty

1) Jacob and Jonah

Jonah is a Hebrew name meaning "Dove". Jacob is also Hebrew and means "supplanter". Jacob is an important biblical patriarch and is a popular Jewish name.

2) Vincent and Victor

Meaning: These twin brothers would be set to take over the world. Vincent means "to conquer' in Latin and comes from the Roman name Vincentius. Victor is also Latin in origin and means "winner" or "conqueror".

3) Caleb and Joshua

Joshua is a Hebrew name meaning "lord is salvation". Caleb is also Hebrew and means "faithful". In the Old Testament, Caleb and Joshua were the only people over the age of 20 to enter the Promised Land.

4) Jasper and Jett

Jasper is a Persian name and means "bringer of treasure" while Jett is of English origin and means "black mineral" or "black gemstone".

5) Chance and Chase

Meaning: Chance is the French variation of Chauncey which in Latin is "chancellour". Chase is also French and means "to hunt".

Twin names
The Phelps twins are best known for their role in Harry Potter ©Getty

6) James and Oliver

Meaning: It's not that Fred and George doesn't have a ring to it, but Ron Weasley's big bro's have perfectly paired names in real life. English name James means Supplant. In English Oliver means "The olive tree". In the Bible, the olive tree symbolizes fruitfulness and beauty and dignity.

7) Elijah and Joel

The Hebrews had two name elements meaning "God". These names contain both elements, but in a different order.

8) Maddox and Mason

Meaning: Maddox comes from a Welsh surname meaning "son of Maddock" and in Celtic, it means "Beneficent". Mason also comes from a surname, an occupational one meaning "worker in stone".

9) Logan and Lucas

Logan comes from the Scottish surname and means "small hollow". Lucas means "man from Luciana" and is the Latin form of Luke.

10) Ethan and Evan

Ethan means "Strong, Firm" in Hebrew. Evan is a popular name in Wales and thought to be their version of the name John. It means "Lord is gracious".

11) Henry and Harold

Henry means ruler of the household and eight kings of England have had this name. Harold is an English baby name with the meaning "Army Commander".

12) Max and Charlie

Meaning: You might recognise the Caver twins as Porter and Parker from Desperate housewives. Max is short for Maximillian which means "greatest" and Charlie is an English name meaning "free man".

13) Ethan and Wyatt

Ethan is a biblical baby name meaning "strong" and Wyatt originates from the English surname and means "brave in war".

14) Dylan and Cole

You might know the 24-year-old Sprouse twins better as Zack and Cody from the Disney Channel. The Welsh name Dylan is connected with the word "sea" and the Greek meaning of Cole is "People's Victory".

Twin names
Who remembers the Sprouse twins from their Disney days? ©Getty

15) Albie and Oscar

Meaning: Albie is a German name and means "bright" and "noble". Oscar is a Norse name and means "gentle friend".

16) Ryan and Remi

Meaning: Ryan as an Irish name has the meaning "Kingly" and its Gaelic meaning is "Little King". Remi is used as a unisex name. It is an abbreviation of Remington which has the meaning "Place on the river bank".

17) Marlowe and Marcus

Meaning: The English meaning of Marlowe is "From the hill by the lake". Marcus means "Warlike" and has Latin origins and was a common name in classical Rome.

18) Jaxon and Jamie

Meaning: "Son of Jack" Jaxon is a variation of Jackson which has English Origins. Jamie is a Diminutive of James which is the English version of Hebrew name Jacob.

19) Ronnie and Reggie

Meaning: It's debatable whether you would want to name your sons after the notorious Kray twins. Regardless, both names have strong meanings - Ronnie is short for Ronald which in Norse means "Ruler's counsellor". Reggie (Reginald) is an English name and means "Counsel power".

20) Leo and Jude

Meaning: "Lion" is the meaning of Leo which has Latin Origins. Jude is also Latin and means "Praised".

Twin names
Who doesn't have a soft spot for John and Edward? ©Getty

21) John and Edward

Meaning: AKA Jedward. John is a biblical name and means "The grace of the Lord". The English meaning of Edward is "Wealthy guardian" while the Anglo-Saxon meaning is simply "Guardian". Both names appear frequently in Shakespeare.

22) Jason and Jonas

Meaning: Both of these names have Greek Origins. Jason means "To Heal" while Jonas means "Dove".

23) Nelson and Eddy

Meaning: These are the names of Celine Dion's adorable six-year old's. "Son of Neil" Nelson is an English name and Eddy is simply an abbreviation of Edward, also English.

24) Isaac and Isaiah

Meaning: These Hebrew names are perfect for a happy pair of boys, Isaac means "He laughs" while Isaiah means "Salvation of the Lord".

25) Teddy and Angelo

Teddy is short for Edward and means "Wealthy Guardian". Angelo is an Italian name that means "Angel". Together they make a Wealthy Guardian Angel – I'll take one of those!


Twin names
One of each? We've got names with the perfect balance ©Getty

1) Ezra and Ophelia

Meaning: Both mean "helper" but Ezra is Hebrew and Ophelia is Greek.

2) Phinnaeus and Hazel

These are the unique names Hollywood sweetheart Julia Roberts chose for her twins, born in 2004. Phinnaeus is a variation of Phineas which is a Hebrew name meaning "oracle". Hazel is a name rooted in nature and derives from the Hazelnut tree.

3) Rex and Juno

These are the quirky names Coldplay's Will Champion decided on for his twins who were born in 2008. Juno is Latin in origin and has the meaning "Queen of the Heavens". The 2007 indie film, Juno, is partly responsible for the increasing prominence of this Roman Goddess name. Rex is also Latin and means "king".

4) Bonnie and Beau

In Latin Bonnie means "beautiful" while Beau is a French baby name meaning "Handsome".

5) Sonny and Mona

Meaning: These names sound like the Sun and the Moon which makes for a beautifully balanced set of twins. Sonny is has the meaning "Son" and Mona is an Irish name meaning "Noble good".

6) Mateo and Zanetta

Meaning: These gorgeous Spanish names mean 'God's Gift

Twin names
Did you know Scarlett Johansson had a twin brother? ©Getty

7) Scarlett and Hunter

Meaning: Actress Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother named Hunter. Scarlett, meaning 'bright red' is traditionally a last name for someone who sells rich, bright fabrics while Hunter was an English and Scottish last name for hunters and bird catchers in the Middle Ages.

8) Aiden and Neve

Meaning: These names can be taken to mean 'fire' and 'Ice'. Aiden is a Scottish name meaning fire and Neve is the Italian word for 'Snow'. These names also sound unmistakably similar to Adam and Eve, who according to the bible were the first man and woman.

9) Nathan and Nala

Meaning: Not only do these names share a first letter, they also share a beautiful meaning. Nathan, or Nathaniel is Hebrew meaning 'Gift From God' and the name Nala means 'Gift' in Swahili'

10) Xavier and Honor

These are the interesting names of Actress Tilda Swinton's twins, born in 1997. Xavier origin is Arabic or Basque and means "new house or bright". Honor

11) Finn and Eloise

Meaning: Eloise is a German name that means "famous warrior." In Irish the meaning of the name Finn is: Fair. In 3rd century Mythology, Finn Mac Cumhail was a legendary Irish hero similar to Robin Hood. His warrior-followers were called Finians.

12) Finley and Harper

Meaning: We think Elvis' daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, did a stellar job selecting these twin names. Finley is a Gaelic name meaning 'fair warrior' and Harper, a firm favourite baby name amongst many other celeb parents, means 'Harp Player'.

13) Ziggy and Zara

Meaning: Ziggy is a nickname from the German Sigmund. Zara has Hebrew and Arabic origins and means "princess; to blossom".

14) Knox and Vivienne

While we are still getting over Brangelina's split, their eight-year-olds will always share an unbreakable twin bond. Vivienne comes from the French word "Vive" which means alive or to live. Knox is an old Scottish surname meaning "Round hill".

Twin names
Knox and Vivienne with their mum Angelina Jolie ©Getty

15) Olivia and Malcolm

Meaning: Olivia means "Olive Tree" and Malcolm is a Scottish name meaning "Devotee of Columbia". Everybody's fave action star, Denzel Washington, chose these names for his twins who were born in 1991.

16) Emma and Noah

Meaning: Emma is a German name meaning "Universal" and Noah is Hebrew with the meaning "Rest, Wandering".

17) Rocco and Ria

Meaning: Rocco is an Italian name meaning "Rest" and Ria is a Spanish name meaning "From the River's mouth".

18) Mason and Madison

Meaning: Mason comes from an occupational surname meaning "Stoneworker" while Madison comes from the English surname meaning "son of Maud".

19) Max and Emme

Not only have these twins been blessed with J-Lo's genes, but she was kind enough to give them enviable names. Her sons name is Maximillian which means "greatest" in Latin and Emme is an American invented name meaning "universal".

Twin names
Max and Emme with their mega famous ma and pa ©Getty

20) Felix and Fiona

Meaning: Felix has Latin origins and means "happy, fortunate". Scottish name Fiona means "white, fair".

21) Aaron and Arielle

Meaning: Hebrew name Aaron means "High Mountain, exalted, enlightened". Arielle is a less common way of spelling Ariel, just like the Little Mermaid! It is a French name and means "lion of God".

22) Zander and Zoe

Zander comes from the name Alexander and means "defending men". Zoe has Greek origins and means "life".

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23) Drew and Dakota

Both of these names are unisex so they could actually be used for any combination of twins! Despite being used for both genders, Drew is an abbreviation of Andrew which means "strong and manly". Dakota is a place-name with the meaning "friendly one".

24) Elliot and Lottie

These sweet names are anagrams of each other. Elliot is an Anglicization of Elijah or Elias and means "Jehova is God". Lottie is an abbreviation of French name Charlotte which means "free man".

25) Matteo and Valentino

Meaning: These gorgeous names were the choice of Ricky Martin for his twins who were born via surrogate in 2008. The Hebrew meaning of Matteo is "Gift from God" and Valentina means "strength and health".

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