Star Wars DIY projects: Fantastic crafts for you and the family

From knitted R2D2 cosies to an origami Yoda, homemade lightsabers to sci-fi lanterns, these DIY Star Wars projects are easy, amazing and SO MUCH FUN!


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1) Make your own lightsaber

These are too fun to wait until Christmas for - try making some now, to get yourself in the mood for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Get the skinny over at


  1. Ready for your very own Hoth winter wonderland?

Transform your home into the snowy plains of Hoth with these outrageously cute Star Wars Snowflakes.

This one’s a little more complex than some of the other videos on the list, so be sure to watch this video tutorial first:

Download your Star Wars Snowflake templates here.

6) That’s no moon…

…that’s a space station!

Image via Our Nerd Home

Yup, it’s a chalkboard Death Star globe - how awesome is that?

Get full instructions on how to make it over at Our Nerd Home now.

  1. Be inspired by an Origami Yoda

Image via Man Made DIY

As Man Made DIY put it, “this fun origami project takes a solid eighty-two folds, and makes one seriously sweet little Jedi master that would look excellent perched on top of your desk, a shelf, or anywhere that needs a pop of handmade colour.”

This one’s a teeny-bit trickier than some of the others on the list (go figure!), so check out the video tutorial below:

And remember: Do, or do not. There is no try.

Especially when it comes to Origami Yodas.

  1. Light up the Dark Side with this DIY Darth Vader lamp

Image via Green Eggs And Goats

See what we did there?

Anyway, this cool project can be recreated a regular black lamp and acrylic paints.

Find out all the details over at Green Eggs And Goats now.

  1. Cuddle up with Jabba The Hutt

Image via

You’d better get to work on your very own Jabba pillow, or you might just be tossed into the Sarca pits!

Find out how to recreate the slimy villain, in mini or full body pillow-form, over at now.

  1. Transform your little ones into Stormtroopers with these DIY milk jug helmets

Images via Filth Wizardry

Can you believe this stormtrooper helmet is made from a milk jug? As in, a recyclable that’s sitting in your fridge right this second?

No excuses. Get your orders over at Filth Wizardry now - your kids will LOVE their Star Wars costumes!

  1. Fall in love with this adorable R2D2 cup warmer

Image via Twinkie Chan

Admit it; this is SO the droid you’re looking for! How cute does R2D2 look wrapped around your coffee cup, eh?

Get the knitting pattern and instructions over at Twinkie Chan now.

  1. Make your own Star Wars movie with these homemade finger puppets

Image via The Idea Room

This might just be the cutest idea of all time; get your kids invested in the Star Wars story with these sweet little finger puppets. From Darth Vader to Princess Leia, all the gang is here - and you’ll soon be squabbling over which character to play.

Get the step-by-step instructions over at The Idea Room now.

  1. Fight these DIY Balloon Tie Fighters

Image via Dana Made It

Got a little Jedi at home?

Then get them honing their skills with these ridiculously clever - and oh-so-easy - balloon Tie Fighters.

Get the know-how over at Dana Made Itnow.

  1. Pack up with this DIY Yoda bag

Image via Crafty Staci

We are absolutely in LOVE with this awesome tribute to Yoda - perfect for any little Star Wars fans in your home.

And, better still, you don’t have to be a Jedi master to make it.

Find out how to make one for yourself over at Crafty Staci now.

  1. Play with these crochet Star Wars characters

Image via Makezine

These are friggin’ adorable, aren’t they? We especially love Admiral Ackbar - although, despite what he may claim, this DIY project is NOT a trap. You just need a little time, patience, and the instructions (found here).

  1. Overpower the fearsome Wampa

Image via Our Nerd Home

Star Wars fans, if you REALLY want to put your skills to the test, then make yourself a DIY Wampa head, and mount that sucker on your wall.

As Our Nerd Home put it, “there just isn’t enough Star Wars taxidermy out there”.

Get the full instructions here.

  1. Dish up with the Dark Side

Image via Our Nerd Home

We couldn’t be more in love with these awesomely geeky dishes - and they’re just as durable as they are gorgeous!

Get the full instructions on how to make these bad boys over at Our Nerd Home now.

  1. Dance beneath a DIY Disco Death Star

Image via Our Nerd Home

Make like the ewoks and party in serious style beneath the glow of a distant Death Star - you know you want to.

Full instructions and step-by-step pictures over at Our Nerd Home.

  1. Wrap up warm, you must!

Image via Pinterest

If your little one doesn’t have a winter hat yet - or, for the matter, YOU don’t have a winter hat yet - then you need to make up this cute Yoda number.

Full instructions and patterns over at Repeat Crafter Me.

  1. Gobble up these Star Wars goodies

Image via Blog Lovin'

Get creative with your biscuit cutters and transform your baked goods into seriously cool Star Wars treats.

Find out more over at Blog Lovin’ now!

  1. Coo over this baby ewok costume

Image via The Meta Picture

This might just be the cutest costume in the entire galaxy! And it’s all made from easy bits and bobs you should have to hand at home - nifty.

Get the skinny over at The Meta Picture now.

  1. Steal Princess Leia’s iconic hairstyle

Image via Craft Interrupted

Princess Leia’s buns are famous across the galaxy - but, rather than fiddling with your own hair, why not make a DIY bun headband for your next big Star Wars outing?

Get the full details over at Craft Interrupted now.

  1. Use the Force

This homemade Jedi outfit is perfect for kids and adults alike - and it’s seriously simple to recreate for yourselves.

  1. Turn a rubbish bin into R2D2

Images via Curbly

Do away with boring rubbish bins and open your home to all the droids of the galaxy!

Get the super-easy instructions over at Curbly now.

25) Pilot an X-Wing Fighter (made entirely from leftover toilet rolls!)

Image via Technabob

We love the simplicity of this clever X-wing fighter made from left-over toilet paper rolls - and we bet your kids will, too!

Get the details over at Technabob now.

Which Star Wars DIY project is your favourite?

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