Spring baby name inspiration: 40 boy and girl monikers – and their meanings

Expecting a springtime baby? Check out these beautiful spring-inspired baby boy and girl names for inspiration

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by Kayleigh Dray |

If you're due to welcome a baby boy or a baby girl this spring then you might be struggling to think of the perfect name for your little one.

Fear not though because we've had a look at the best names for baby's due around spring; from Blossom and Emerald to Maxwell and Pascal...

Spring is a popular time to be expecting, with many conceiving in July at the beginning of summer. According to research, people with an excessively positive attitude were more likely to be born in spring and summer than other months.

20 baby girl names inspired by spring

1) April

Meaning: Of the month of April

2) Aviva

Meaning: Springlike, fresh, dewy

3) Avril

Meaning: French for April

4) Aurora

Meaning: Goddess of the dawn

5) Blossom

Meaning: To bloom

spring baby girl names
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6) Chloe

Meaning: Green shoot

7) Claire

Meaning: Bright and clear

8) Danica

Meaning: Morning star

9) Dawn

Meaning: New beginning

10) Emerald

Meaning: Precious green gem (birthstone of May)

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11) Florence

Meaning: Blooming

12) Fontanne

Meaning: Fountain or spring

13) Freya

Meaning: Nordic goddess of springtime

14) Iris

Meaning: Flower name, symbolising rainbow

15) Jonquil

Meaning: Sweet yellow flower that blooms in the spring

spring baby names
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16) Laverna

Meaning: Born in the spring

17) Lily

Meaning: Flower name, symbolising purity and innocence

18) Maia

Meaning: Goddess of spring growth

19) Olwen

Meaning: Welsh goddess or springtime and flowers

20) Primrose

Meaning: First rose

20 baby boy names inspired by spring

  1. Attwell

Meaning: Lives by the spring

2) Asher

Meaning: New beginning

spring baby names

3) Bradwell

Meaning: From the broad spring

4) Brooke

Meaning: Of the spring

5) Dennis

Meaning: Growth of the vines

6) Denver

Meaning: Green valley

7) Eden

Meaning: Garden of paradise

8) Haruki

Meaning: Spring wood

9) Jarek

Meaning: Czech for springtime

10) Javier

Meaning: Bright new day


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11) Leif

Meaning: Green leaf

12) Maxwell

Meaning: Magnus’s spring

13) Naveen

Meaning: Youthful

14) Neo

Meaning: New

15) Neville

Meaning: New town

16) Owen

Meaning: Youthful, lamb of spring

17) Pascal

Meaning: Born at Easter

18) Raphael

Meaning: God has healed

19) Sunny

Meaning: Sunshine

20) Xavier

Meaning: Bright and shining

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