REVEALED: Will you get pregnant in 2016? It’s apparently all down to your name…

If your name is on this list, there’s a strong chance you’ll be getting pregnant in 2016!


by Kayleigh Dray |
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If you’re the sort of person who likes to plan ahead, we imagine you’d probably find it useful to know whether or not you’ll be getting pregnant next year.

And there’s apparently a way to use your NAME to figure it out.

Oh yes.

So, if your name is on this list, you are far more likely to fall pregnant in 2016 than anyone else.

**Check it out... **

  1. Jessica

  2. Ashley

  3. Amanda

  4. Jennifer

  5. Sarah

  6. Stephanie

  7. Nicole / Nicola

  8. Heather

  9. Elizabeth

  10. Megan

  11. Melissa

  12. Amber

  13. Laura

  14. Emma

  15. Claire

  16. Catherine / Katherine

  17. Michelle

  18. Lisa

  19. Danielle

  20. Rachel

  21. Gemma

  22. Amy

  23. Rebecca

  24. Victoria

  25. Samantha

  26. Kelly

That’s a pretty eclectic bunch.

We imagine that, if you’ve spotted your name on that list, you’re curious to know the reasoning behind it.

Well, it’s based on the fact that, in the UK, the average age that a woman gives birth to her first child is around 29.8 years old.

Using this, we then worked out that women who reach this oh-so-magical age in 2016 will have been born between 1986 and 1987.

We then used Google to find out the most popular baby girl names of those years and voila!

Pretty clever, huh?

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