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Does your favourite memory of having your newborn baby appear on this list?

Having a baby is one of the most incredible moment in your life. There's nothing like preparing for the arrival of your little one and of course the first time you meet them. There's the moments after their born too, the first time they do, well, basically anything.

In a study undertaken by WaterWipes they have found the top five favourite memories of preparing for the arrival of a newborn baby and the top 10 favourite memories of having a new baby and the results might surprise you.

Rochelle Humes
Rochelle Humes revealed she had given birth to her daughter Valentina Raine Humes on social media (Credit: Instagram / rochellehumes) ©Instagram / rochellehumes

Out of the 1,000 parents in the survey – who have children aged five and under - two thirds found the feeling of their baby kick for the first time was their favourite memory. Half of parents admitted buying their baby's first item of clothing was their top memory and a third revealed preparing their little one's nursery was their most treasured moment while they were waiting for the arrival of their newborn baby.

The research didn't stop there because it also found that over half of parents agreed that holding their baby for the first time was the best memory of having a newborn baby. Surprisingly the fourth favourite memory on the list parents found was their baby meeting their siblings for the first time.

Billie Faiers children Nelly Arthur Shepherd
Former TOWIE star Billie Faiers shared this adorable photo of her children Nelly and Arthur (Credit: Instagram / billiefaiersofficial) ©Instagram / billiefaiersofficial

You can have a read of the results below.

Top five favourite memories of pregnancy and preparing for the arrival of a newborn baby:

  1. Feeling your baby kick for the first time

  2. Buying the first item of clothing for your baby

  3. Preparing the nursery

  4. Picking baby names

  5. Packing the hospital bag

Stephanie Davis baby nusery
Stephanie Davis kept her fans up to date with Caben-Albi's nursery on social media (Credit: Instagram / stephaniedavis88) ©Instagram / stephaniedavis88

The top 10 favourite memories of having a newborn baby:

  1. The first time you hold baby

  2. Baby’s first trip out into the world in their buggy

  3. Baby’s first bath

  4. Baby meeting their sibling/siblings for the first time

  5. Laying baby in their moses basket/cot for their first nap at home

  6. Placing baby in car seat for first time and walking out of the hospital

  7. Dressing baby for first time in the hospital

  8. Baby’s first feed

  9. The first drive home

  10. Carry baby over the threshold of your new home

Do you agree with the results? What's your favourite memory of having a newborn baby? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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