REVEALED: The ideal age to have the ‘most intelligent baby’

Mums who have children at this age are likely to have the ‘most intelligent’ kids


by Jessica Anais Rach |
Published on

We are bombarded with statistics encouraging us to have children in our twenties when we are ‘still fertile’, but recent studies have shown this may not be the ideal age.

Since 2013 the average age for a first-time mum is 26, but now the Independent reports that a study run by researchers at the London School of Economics suggests a very different ‘optimum age’.

The Millennium Cohort Study monitored the development of 18,000 British children to determine the effect of a mother’s age on the progression of their child.

And the results found that women in their thirties are more likely to produce babies who are ‘more intelligent, score higher in cognitive testing, and outperform babies born to women in their twenties and forties.

"First-time mothers in their thirties are, for example, likely to be more educated, have higher incomes, are more likely to be in stable relationships, have healthier lifestyles, seek prenatal care earlier and have planned their pregnancies," researcher Alice Goisis told The Times.

Looks like there's still time then!

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