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Your engagement ring will (hopefully!) be on your finger for life, so it makes sense that it can tell people a lot about your personality…

Your ring has: a round brilliant diamond

What it says about you:

This is one of the most popular choices for an engagement ring - and it’s easy to see why.

The classic round shape has an elegant and timeless feel to it, meaning it’s perfectly suited to traditional and romantic brides.

If you’re wearing this bling on your finger, you’re probably laid-back, honest, chatty, outgoing, and 100% dedicated to family and friends.

Your ring has: an oval cut diamond

What it says about you:

Classic but edgy, an oval diamond is best suited to brides who - like you - are artistic, daring, and keen to set trends.

We’re willing to bet that you’re very creative, with an active imagination and a very tight knit friendship group. Not to mention a VERY passionate relationship!

Your ring has: a large square-cut diamond

What it says about you:

Otherwise known as a princess cut, these diamonds are seriously popular - and it’s easy to see why!

Loud and proud, they’re best suited to the fingers of fun-loving and confident people like you. You know - the kind of people who enjoy embracing the unexpected.

If this is your ring, then you’re also intelligent and stylish, with a knack for putting people at ease, no matter what the situation.

Your ring has: an emerald-cut diamond

What it says about you:

This stunning rectangular cut makes your diamond look even more sparkly - without losing any of that clean simplicity you crave in your jewellery.

This ring tells us that you’re straightforward, hardworking and sophisticated, not to mention drawn to minimalist elegance.

You also tend to be quietly confident, very family-orientated, and overwhelmingly kind - what a gal!

Your ring has: a heart-shaped stone

What it says about you:

A heart-shaped ring is perfect for someone as sweet as you. But, while you’re a true romantic, you’re certainly no pushover; you’re fiery, bold, passionate, and never afraid to take the spotlight.

Better still? Your partner is head over heels in love with you; they picked that love heart to make you smile!

Your ring has: a pear-cut diamond

What it says about you:

This stunning teardrop shape has all the glitz and glam, but it’s still beautifully understated.

This means that it’s best suited to sweet-natured and modest brides like you, who are calm and adaptable, no matter what. Planning a wedding is going to be an absolute breeze for you, because nothing and nobody ever ruffles your feathers!

Your ring has: a coloured stone

What it says about you:

That’s right; it doesn’t HAVE to be a diamond, you know!

Imaginative, quirky, and keen to do your own thing, you’re always fun to be around and have AMAZING bundles of energy. We’re also willing to bet that you’re smart and independent, and were taken by surprise when you fell head-over-heels-in love with the lucky guy or gal who slipped that unconventional ring on your finger.

The colour can also tell people a lot about you; red is for passionate and active brides, pink for romantics, blue for creatives, green for nature-lovers, and yellows and oranges are best suited to people with a very active imagination.

Your ring has: a black coloured stone

What it says about you:

A black stone is a VERY bold choice - and, as such, it suits someone with authority, power, strength, certainty and passion. You’re adventurous, you’re determined, and you know exactly what you want from life.

It’s also safe to say that a black engagement ring is the mark of couple's love and passion, and strength of their commitment.

Your ring has: three matching cut stones

What it says about you:

This vintage design may be a classic, but you’re anything but boring - and you have your own particular style. You may be quiet (at first!), but you’re very dry, very funny, and VERY opinionated. You even have an opinion on pockets!

And, once you decide to make friends with someone, that’s it; you’re pals for life.

Your ring has: a triangle cut stone

What it says about you:

This edgy design is sure to catch eyes - so it’s lucky you’re the sort of person who doesn’t mind standing out in the crowd!

If this is the ring of your dreams, we’re going to bet you’re very into your fashion and/or music, that you still love going out for a party with your mates, that you’re always raring to go, and that you’re a big softie underneath all that confidence and energy.

Your ring has: a halo setting

What it says about you:

This stunning and ethereal ring, cut so that it catches the light at all times, is best suited to ultra-feminine brides with a soft, romantic side.

If it’s on your finger, then you’re warm and sweet, would drop anything to help out your besties, and make everyone around you smile.

More importantly? You refused to settle for anything less than your very own Prince Charming.

Your ring has: a bezel setting

What it says about you:

This ring is wonderfully modern, and very minimalist - which is why it’s perfect for people who HATE anything fussy.

If this is your ring, then we bet you’re the sort of person who loves decluttering her wardrobe every couple of months, who hates little knick knacks, and who loves nothing more than a clean, bright, and airy room.

Loyal and determined, you’re the responsible one who all your friends turn to in times of crisis… and you have a wicked sense of humour.

Your ring is: something completely different

What it says about you:

You march to the beat of your own drum - and you don’t bow to trends. Everyone was surprised when you got engaged, thinking it was too ‘conventional’ for you…

But you’re not getting married for the wedding, or the big white dress, or the bit where you get to walk down the aisle. In fact, you'd be just as happy to elope to Las Vegas or Gretna Green.

No, you’re getting married because you’ve found The One - and you love that they understand the song inside your heart better than anyone else. N'aww!

Anything else?

Well, according to Today, the more expensive an engagement ring is, the more likely a couple is to divorce.


They recommend spending between £340 and £1400 on a ring. Just to be safe...

What does YOUR ring say about you? And do you agree?

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