From red to blue: What your wedding colour scheme REALLY says about you

Brides-to-be, have you already chosen your wedding colour scheme? Here’s what it REALLY says about you…


by Kayleigh Dray |
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From your bridesmaid dresses to your wedding flowers, choosing a colour scheme for your big day is very important.

But, as it turns out, it’s not just a case of picking your favourite hues.

That’s right; the colours you choose will tell your guests a LOT about your personality, your wedding style, AND your relationship.

Are you ready for this?

If your wedding colour scheme is… GOLD

Lavish, elegant, and luxurious, gold is a colour chosen by successful, charismatic and optimistic couples trying to create an upscale atmosphere for their traditional big day.

These couples tend to relish the attention they receive at their wedding - but, with their warm and generous personalities, we think they deserve it.

If your wedding colour scheme is… WHITE

Peaceful, modern, and pure, couples tend to opt for a white colour scheme to create something innocent, simple, and chic. They tend to see their wedding as a new beginning - but still want to remain independent and self-reliant within their marriage.

Brides and grooms who stick to a white colour scheme tend to have VERY high standards, but they’re still very optimistic, confident and self-assured.*

If your wedding colour scheme is… PALE PINK

Pink generates feel ins of gentle warmth, love and thoughtfulness - and it’s usually picked out by couples hoping to create a truly romantic atmosphere for their wedding day.

Brides and grooms who choose pale pink tend to have a sweet and playful relationship - and love and accept each other unconditionally.

If your wedding colour scheme is… HOT PINK

Hot pink, similar to pale pink, is romantic and fun… but it’s more of a modern choice, and for this reason is picked out by couples hoping for a chic and contemporary day.

Radiating passion, this shade is usually chosen by sensual brides and grooms who have an overwhelmingly positive love of life (and each other!).

If your wedding colour scheme is… YELLOW

A yellow colour scheme creates a warm and happy atmosphere by your guests - and tends to be chosen by couples who are trying to create a fun and intimate wedding for their nearest and dearest.

Brides and grooms who opt for all things yellow tend to be creative, down-to-earth, and great at communicating with each other. They also tend to have a great sense of humour, and always make everyone feel at home.

If your wedding colour scheme is… BLUE

Blue is a VERY traditional option for weddings - after all, every bride needs her ‘something blue’ - and it creates a lovely, relaxing and peaceful mood for your big day.

Couples who choose blue for their wedding tend to be harmonious, reliable, and VERY devoted to one another. They’re also more likely to have had a long engagement, as trust is very important to them and they tend to consider every big decision before making a commitment.

If your wedding colour scheme is… RED

This passionate colour creates an atmosphere of expectation, warmth and excitement - making it perfect for couples who want a weeding filled with music, dancing, and good food.

Brides and grooms who tend to choose red for their big day tend to be very much in love, vibrant, energetic, optimistic, and full of fun.

If your wedding colour scheme is… ORANGE

Orange is motivational, uplifting and optimistic - and is perfect for those who want a friendly and social atmosphere at their wedding, with lots of chatting, fun and laughter.

Brides and grooms who pick oranges tend to be VERY gregarious, with a big social circle, and tend to be the life of the party. They’re also soft and gentle, when they need to be, and always put people at ease.

If your wedding colour scheme is… GREEN

Green has long been associated with rebirth and renewal - and it tends to put wedding guests in a calm and restful mood.

Couples who choose green for their big day tend to be faithful and loyal partners - not to mention are very compassionate and nurturing when it comes to their family and friends.

If your wedding colour scheme is… PURPLE

There are many shades of purple to choose from, but - no matter which you pick - it’s agreed that people tend to choose this mysterious and fantastical colour when they’re looking to create a truly unique day.

Couples who choose purple are sensitive, compassionate, gentle, and loving. They also tend to be very supportive of one another, not to mention very artistic.

If your wedding colour scheme is… TURQUOISE

Fresh and vibrant, turquoise is a great option for couples looking to throw a fun and modern wedding.

Confident and independent couples tend to choose turquoise for their big day - and they are often happy, friendly and ready to face anything.

If your wedding colour scheme is… BROWN

Despite its richness, brown is a serious and down-to-earth colour, which tends to be chosen by couples trying to create a strong sense of belonging on their big day.

Couples who opt for chocolates and tans tend to be friendly, approachable, and genuine. While they may not usually be the centre of the party, their wedding day will be the time for them to shine as bright as diamonds - and everyone will relish having the chance to show them how much they care.

If your wedding colour scheme is… SILVER

Silver is a pretty magical colour, chosen by couples longing for an elegant, modern, classy, and - above all else - sophisticated wedding.

Couples who tend to pick this hue tend to be imaginative and creative (especially when it comes to writing), and are light-hearted, optimistic, and independent.

If your wedding colour scheme is… CHAMPAGNE OR IVORY

Black might seem like a negative colour, but it is sophisticated, intense, and mysterious. It is often chosen by couples hoping to create an elegant and dignified wedding - and they usually have some very strong opinions about design, too.

Brides and grooms who choose black for their big day are organised, sensual, successful and VERY passionate… although they can sometimes take things too seriously.

If your wedding colour scheme is… ALL THE COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW

Rainbow-themed weddings have become VERY trendy - and tend to be chosen by couples trying to create a truly unique, fun, and welcoming special day.

Brides and grooms who opt for all the colours of the rainbow are thrill-seeking, impulsive individuals, who are cheerful and optimistic. But, despite refusing to play by the rules, they still have plenty of common sense and tend to live very organised and practical lives.

Which colour will you be choosing for your wedding day?

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