Baby names: 36 baby names which are so rare they might go EXTINCT in 2017!

rare baby names

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These 36 girls and boys names are so rare they may soon become EXTINCT!

If you're looking for an unusual name for your baby, we might be able to help.

You see BabyCentre have just released a list of 36 names which are heading for extinction because no one in the UK - not one single person - has given their child these names so far in 2017.

But while you might assume the names are all weird or ridiculous, the opposite is in fact true. All of the names on the list are totally normal. In fact you - yes YOU - probably no people with most of them.

rare baby names
You'll be shocked that these names are now rare (Credit: Getty) ©rare baby names

So if the names are all so normal, why have they become so rare?

The answer seems to be that the names - most of which were fashionable in the 1950s and 60s - have simply fallen out of fashion and been eplaced with the likes of Tatjana, Xander and Winter (all of which made the list of the hottest baby names for 2017).

So, what are the girls and boys names that have become so rare they're headed for extinction in 2017? Here's the list...

Rare girls names heading for extinction in 2017

rare baby names
Doesn't anyone want to name their daughter after Sally Webster? (Credit: Getty) ©rare baby names
  • Angela

  • Beverley

  • Carol

  • Debra

  • Diane

  • Donna

  • Doris

  • Elaine

  • Joanne

  • Maureen

  • Paula

  • Sally

  • Sandra

  • Sharon

  • Sheila

  • Tracey

  • Wendy

  • Yvonne

Rare boys names heading for extinction in 2017

rare baby names
Is Rooney the last Wayne? (Credit: Getty) ©rare baby names
  • Bertram

  • Cecil

  • Clarence

  • Clive

  • Cyril

  • Dean

  • Dennis

  • Derek

  • Duncan

  • Ernest

  • Geoffrey

  • Horace

  • Leonard

  • Malcolm

  • Nigel

  • Neville

  • Roy

  • Wayne

See! We told you they'd all be really familiar!

So there you have it; if you really want your kid to stand out in the playground, name them something completely normal like Nigel or Sally or Malcolme or Debra!

Who knew?!

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