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Keeping both the kids and your pets entertained is no easy task - especially when it's the summer holidays! Luckily, we've teamed up with Petplan, the UK's most trusted pet insurance, to give you a whole list of fun activities that both your family and furry friends will love...


Pet-friendly activities summer - Closer commecial

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A day out at the beach

Lots of beaches - particularly those that attract families with children - don't allow welcome pets during peak seasons. But, there are some pet-friendly beaches in the UK, like some beaches in Cornwall, Dorset or Devon, that welcome them. With such an open space of sea and sand, we bet that both your children and your pets will love their time at the beach. All of that exploring and playing can be tiring work though, so remember to pack some snacks and drinks!

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A hearty pub lunch

Lots of pubs in the UK are animal-friendly, making them the perfect spot for a family Sunday lunch this summer. Whilst you dine on delicious grub and your kids tuck into some pizza, your pooch can nibble on some snacks alongside you all. Some pubs even have dedicated dog menus. P-e-r-f-e-c-t.

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A picnic in the park

Nothing beats a picnic in the park - especially during summer! Pre-make your packed lunch for your family (think tasty sandwiches, salads, and chips and dips), and bring along some tasty treats for your furry friend, too.

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Sports day in the park

Dogs aren't allowed in the play areas of parks, but that doesn't mean that you still can't have fun with both your children and your pet! Instead of playing in the play area, why don't you bring the play area to your kids? Organise a sports day with a group of your children's friends on a grassy area of the park, and remember to bring along lots of balls and play toys for your dog, too.

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A camping adventure

Kids love the outdoors - and so do your pets! For a memorable weekend away this summer, why not go on a camping adventure? Pack a tent, disposable BBQ and the bare necessities like food, clothing and dog toys, and you'll be guaranteed to have a weekend to remember. Most campsites now accept pets, and remember that you can always rent out a cabin if you want something a little more luxurious.

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A day out at Cotswold Wildlife Park

Now here's something that the whole family can enjoy: a day out at Cotswold Wildlife Park! This park is one of few in the UK who welcome dogs - they just need to be kept on a led and supervised by an adult at all times.With lots of different animals and gardens to look at, this will be a super fun day out for your family. You can thank us later...

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