Parents get less than ONE HOUR to themselves a day!

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If you're a parent and feel like you have no time to yourself, you're not imaging it...

Parents often complain about not having enough time to themselves, and it's hardly surprising, as a recent survey has found that the average British parent gets just 48 minutes to themselves every day.

Not much, is it?

Researchers spoke to 2,000 parents, and found that for the majority, it’s 8.53pm by the time they get the chance for a bit of ‘me time’ – although for an unlucky one in ten, it was past 10pm before they could finally relax.

cooking, cleaning, parents
Alone time? What's that! (Credit: Getty) ©Getty

So it’s hardly surprising that eight in ten parents wish they had more spare time.

But what exactly is eating into parents down time in the evenings?

Well according to the research, top of the list for parents is preparing and cooking dinner, closely followed by doing the dishes (no one’s favourite task!), getting the kids to bed, cleaning, and bathing the kids.

cooking, cleaning, parents
No one's favourite chore is washing up (Credit: Getty) ©Getty

The full list of the top 20 things keeping parents busy in the evening, are…

  1. Preparing and cooking dinner

  2. Doing the dishes

  3. Getting the kids to bed

  4. Cleaning

  5. Bathing the kids

  6. Helping the kids with homework

  7. Washing/ironing clothes

  8. Getting the family to sit down to dinner at the same time

  9. Household admin

  10. Feeding the pets/Walking the dog

  11. Trying to get the kids to finish their dinner

  12. Deciding with the family on what to have for dinner

  13. Play games with the kids

  14. Prepare lunches for the next day

  15. Ferrying kids to and from school, clubs and friend's houses

  16. Buying food for dinner

  17. Settling arguments within the family

  18. Replying to work emails

  19. Take part in your own hobby or sport

  20. Finishing off work

Claire Davenport, CEO of recipe kit delivery service HelloFresh (who commissioned the study to launch its new Family Box), commented: “Family life has become a juggling act. Where more parents are working to make ends meet, evenings are no longer a time to relax and unwind.

“Evenings used to be an opportunity for families to come together, but with so much to get done mums and dads are left with a fraction of time to make dinner into a family event.”

If this all sounds familiar, at least you can take comfort in the fact you’re definitely not alone!

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