Need help packing? This woman shows how to pack 100 items in your hand luggage

Ready to channel your inner Mary Poppins?

Rachel Grant

by Hannah Mellin |
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Packing for your jolly holidays is extremely stressful, especially when you have kids who want to take their ENTIRE toy collection in your hand luggage. Don't they realise there are about excess baggage charges?!

However, thanks to former Bond Girl and experienced traveller Rachel Grant, your packing regime is about to get so much easier.

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Are you ready to be shown how to fit 100 items (including clothing, hats etc...) into your hand luggage?

All you need is some perserverence, elastic bands, ziplock bags and packing cubes.

Ta da!

Rachel must be some sort of wizard, right?!

Think of all they money you'll save! You'll be able to buy even more stuff to bring back from your hols. Brilliant.

Will you have a go at this?

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