Mum gets real about what pregnancy REALLY feels like in hilarious video

'Did I mention the swollen feet?'

Tova Leigh video

by Daisy Jordan |
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If you’ve ever been pregnant, you’ll know it isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

But while most mums choose only to share their ‘blissful’ experiences of carrying a baby, blogger Tova Leigh has shared the hilarious - if not brutal - reality.

Taking to her YouTube channel My Thoughts About Stuff, the US blogger rants, “I hear a lot of people talk about how pregnancy is not an illness. Let’s examine the symptoms.”

Tova Leigh video

She then goes into a list of painful sounding ailments, including projectile vomiting, nausea, haemorrhoids and mood swings.

“You’ve got your morning sickness, also known as ‘all the freaking day long sickness’,” she says.

“…Projectile vomiting, haemorrhoids, heartburn, sensitivity to smells that even your own breath makes you want to gag, loss of memory, mood swings, dizziness and lots of gas, like yeah, lots of gas…

“Crazy cravings, wanting to kill people who touch your belly without permission and wanting to kill your husband for no apparent reason, apart from the fact he’s just SO annoying.”

Tova Leigh video

Tova then jokes that if you put all the symptoms into search engine Google, they’d be “sending you an ambulance” and suggests the idea of a ‘pregnancy spa’ for those who are gearing up for childbirth.

“I want to know why nobody has invented a pregnancy spa where women can just check in as soon as they miss their period and just stay there until the baby pops out,” she jokes.

“I’m thinking pedicures and manicures, facials, sitting in the sun, sipping some purified water, sleeping all day long.”

Her video has clearly hit the nail on the head with many mums, as it’s managed to rack up 635k views and almost 5000 shares on Facebook.


Many mums commented too, admitting what Tova says is true.

One women commented, “AMEN!! I would have paid good money to go to this spa during my last pregnancy,” while another added, “30 weeks with my 1st. Hoping the next 10 go quickly. Never planning on doing this again!”

Watch the video here.

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