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Motherhood can often feel like an isolating experience, even when you're not dealing with self-isolation, which is why so many new and seasoned mums turn to social media to seek out fellow mothers to reassure them they're not alone.

With many UK-based parents taking to Instagram, YouTube and their own blogs to share a glimpse into their lives with their audience, Mother&Baby have released The Mum List 2020, a definitive list of the best mums to follow for inspiration, entertainment and that all important feel-good factor.

This year's list has been topped by breastfeeding vlogger, business owner and mum of two Chaneen Saliee.

"I feel like I have loads of mum friends, because they message me with how they can relate to my content. They all suggest trying things, and groups I'd never thought of or knew about. I feel like I get so much advice, and I want to give that back. To have fellow mums who you can relate to and who are non-judgemental is so vital," Chaneen told Mother&Baby.


Take a look at The Mum List 2020

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1. Chaneen Saliee

Taking the top spot is breastfeeding mum of two-under-two Chaneen Saliee who began by making breastfeeding videos with a friend. In addition to raising her two daughters, Chaneen has started her own business, Chic and Discreet.

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2. Cathy Kamara

Single mum-of-two Cathy inspires us all to live and love our lives no matter what our differences may be. She uses her account to share an honest perspective on what life is like mothering with a disability, alongside a dash of her dating woes.

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3. Emily Norris

A vlogging veteran, mum-of-three Emily took to the internet after her son Fraser was born. Her videos go perfectly with a cuppa for pregnant mums and mums with napping bubs - and she's even one to watch with the kids.

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4, Amber Wilde

Amber lives in London with wife Kirsty and their TWO sets of twins (sons Balthazar and Lysander and daughters Embla and Olympia). She uses her platform to share inspiring accounts of the family's IVF journey and artistic family snaps.

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5. Riona O Connor

Life is a stage with actor, singer and content creator Riona. The mum-of-two is singing her way through motherhood and injects a burst of flamboyance into our feeds, discussing body image and offering an insight into her breastfeeding journey.

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6. Sophie Oxbury

Charity co-founder Sophia struggled for nine years to conceive and had seven miscarriages before her miracle baby son, Ari, was born. She uses her platform to raise awareness about pregnancy loss, and looks to the future with love and laughter.

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7. Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca's Instagram page is an online cookbook filled with inspiration for daily recipes to keep hungry tots happy. She's also now about to release a physical cookbook.

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8. Kaytee Jones

Daily life with a toddler is quite different to the norm for single mum-of-one Kaytee. Having qualified as a nurse while caring for her disabled son Jaxon, she's now studying for her master's degree. She uses her page to post about Jaxon's condition alongside her personal achievements.

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9. Yasmin Johal

Yasmin's YouTube vlogs cover all things vegan. Mum to son Remi, she talks about daily eating routines and the challenges she faces when it comes to overcoming racism within her community.

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10. Stacey Solomon

This is one mum that needs no introduction. With over 3 million followers and a career as a presenter, singer and author, there's not much this super mum-of-three can't do.

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11. Kate Murnane

Blogger and content creator Kate loves a shopping haul, a speed clean and organising the whole house - she also makes vlogging look uber easy. Sharing videos weekly, life with her family of four encourages us all to declutter our home spaces.

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12. Georgia Martell

Every day, Georgia reminds us to love ourselves and teaches us to continue to respect each mother's unique journey. A mum to twin girls, she talks about the challenges she faced with premature babies and the struggles that followed.

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Dr Stephanie Ooi

Dr Stephanie shares balanced and reliable medical information with her followers, whose minds she sets to rest with her regular Q&As.

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14. Sophie Hinchcliffe

Best known as Mrs Hinch, the queen of cleaning hacks is mama to Ronnie and fur baby Henry. It's fun to lose yourself in her daily stories, cleaning advice and bargain tips.

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15. Lauren Jessie Williams

Lauren and son George spend a lot of time together while George's dad is away serving in the military. Expect messy-face shots aplenty as she shares the good times with her son. We get all our activity inspo from Lauren, and George's lunchboxes are total #foodgoals.

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16. Rachael Lalji

Currently pregnant with baby number four, Rachael runs a travel agency and her passion for travel saw her book the biggest adventure of her life - 14 countries in 100 days with three kids.

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17. Jess Jones

Mum-of-three Jess inspires us to love the skin we're in with her content on Instagram, YouTube and her informative blog. An advocate for plus-size mums, she has a refreshingly honest approach when sharing insights about her body, helping her followers remember there's strength in stretchmarks.

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18. Molly Baker

Molly lifts our spirits with pictures of her happy-chappy son, Jasper. This Bristol-based mum speaks about her year of breastfeeding; the ups and downs of her journey and what helps keep her going. It's obvious that little things truly matter.

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19. Chloe Holland

Chloe loves dressing in matching outfits with her twin daughters, Hallie and Sienna, and their little sister, Lottie. She's also a fan of the descaling power of lemon juice.

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20. Lucy Jessica Carter

Instagrammer and YouTuber Lucy is our go-to for a daily dose of style-on-a-budget tips. Lucy shares what life is like as a mum-of-four, and is living proof us mums can do it all.

"Let's face it, when it comes to parenting, most of us are just muddling through. Learning on the job, and reaching out to any helping hand that's offered. So many of us look online to find a supportive space," Mother&Baby's digital editor Maria Martin said about the list, which is now in its second year.

"We're saying thanks and celebrating the most brilliantly creative mums the UK social media scene has to offer. From the mums who inspire us, to the ones who reassure us, they help us to keep going."

Mother&Baby have also dedicated this year's list to mummy blogger Rachel Clements, who passed away in January following a 15 year battle with lung disease.

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